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International digital Roadshow
Bus around Europe

We present the future

The BUS2BUS digital roadshow brings together European and national players in the mobility industry, especially experts with an affinity for the bus industry.

The BUS2BUS Special Edition, which took place in April 2021, brought together around 900 experts from Germany and abroad. One thing was impressively underlined here - the bus industry is innovative and indispensable in the climate-friendly mobility mix of the future. What's more, buses are available in almost all sizes, increasingly equipped with climate-friendly drives and in some cases already autonomously on the road.

This makes bus transport predestined for tailored mobility concepts in cities and rural regions. Together with digital services, cool design and equipment, the BUS is - or should be - the star among means of transport.

BUS2BUS summarizes this new image of the bus under the term - Fresh Travel. Fresh Travel bundles offers from manufacturers, suppliers and technology companies that provide new features and services that put the customer at the center of attention.

The desire for individualization and personal expression has increased dramatically in today's age of digitalization. This trend influences all aspects of life – which includes mobility. Added to this is a desire for eco-sustainable transport systems, which already has an impact on modern urban planning.

BUS2BUS wants to spark the discussion on how design and aesthetics can contribute to making buses more attractive and more perceptible in public life.

As the topics of Fresh Travel, design, electromobility, current customer demands and the need for a more sustainable mode of transport are relevant to many countries, our BUS2BUS roadshow events are also attractive and interesting for an international audience. Our panelists then highlight the topics that are the focus of the roadshow stop in the respective country.

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