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BUS2Spotlights – Archive 2019

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BUS2Spotlights was first released in conjunction with BUS2BUS 2019. Exhibitors are invited to present premieres and innovations free of charge. These may include products and services being presented for the first time at the innovative Trade Show. BUS2Spotlights is aimed at the media for use by journalists and also helps trade visitors plan their BUS2BUS visit more effectively.

We summarized the most important information about BUS2Spotlights for you here (PDF, 2.1 MB).

The terms of participation can be found here (PDF, 227.8 kB).

Long distances without stopping to recharge

Long distances without stopping to recharge
Series production of battery systems

AKASOL AG is presenting its intelligent battery systems (ill.) for electric buses at BUS2BUS. These form the heart of the electrified drivelines in many different vehicles, including hybrid and fully electric urban, cross-country and long-distance buses. A large number of leading blue chip customers such as Alexander Dennis, Alstom, Bombardier, Daimler and VDL rely on this exhibitor’s solutions. All battery systems are liquid cooled, exceptionally robust and comply with the certification and safety standards of the commercial vehicle industry. The highlight of the display by this technology company is a high-energy battery system,AKASYSTEM CYC, which had been announced at the commercial vehicle trade show IAA Nutzfahrzeuge 2018. It enables an energy density of up to 200 watt/hours per kilogram at system level to be achieved. This innovative battery system with round cells is ideal for use in electric buses which have to cover long distances without stopping to recharge.

Booth 622

Phone: +49 6151 800500

Combating germs even more thoroughly

Combating germs even more thoroughly
Blue Evolution steam vacuum cleaning system

Bus companies and operators of railway rolling stock have good reason to be pleased: The expansion sets for the “Blue Evolution“ HACCP-certificated, steam vacuum cleaning system from beam (ill.) provide even more effective cleaning of commercial vehicles. These sets significantly improve the chemical-free cleaning of the interiors of buses, trams and railway carriages and include an 8 metre long steam suction hose as well as a very powerful, ergonomically designed and effortless version of the upholstery nozzle. The Blue Evolution applies steam and cleans in a single process, requires no cleaning agents at all, reduces water consumption by 93 per cent and cuts cleaning times by of 60 per cent. The system’s cleaning capabilities meet the strict HACCP standard, making it ideal for use in on-board kitchens and bistro cars.

beam GmbH

Phone: +49-8337-740010

Increased comfort for businesses and their customers

Increased comfort for businesses and their customers
Bus classification rating of “Superior

For bus operators the new added value” simplifies the work of organising and preparing coach travel. And with the “Superiorrating (ill.) for the classification of coaches, their customers can now enjoy improved comfort too. The Quality Association for Bus Comfort (gbk) is presenting both of these innovations at BUS2BUS 2019. On the gbk stand visitors to the trade show can find out more about the new quality and test specifications for the award of stars as a way of rating coaches. The team on the stand will also be able to explain the advantages of the interactive added value platform, which links the organisers of coach travel with their partners. The Quality Association for Bus Comfort comprises some 500 quality-conscious coach operators all over Germany. For more than 40 years the gbk has been using a set of criteria to classify the quality of coaches. Adherence to these criteria is regularly monitored by independent examiners, who then award the RAL Bus Comfort Seal of Quality.

bus c/o gbk-Gütegemeinschaft Buskomfort e.V.
Hall 26, Booth 210

Contact: Stefan Zibulla
Phone: +49-7031-623174

Smart EBE solution

As part of an EU-wide invitation for tenders for a comprehensive, multimodal system that will be fit for the future, the municipal authority Stadtwerke Osnabrück has applied a new EBE solution. This consists of an app for the inspectors’ testing equipment and a corresponding administration and accounting module in the background system. This system has been put into practice under the supervision of the Freiburg-based software company highQ Computerlösungen. At the end of the inspection process the data sets are transferred to the EBE module in the TicketOffice background system. This is where the outstanding accounts are managed and all the associated processes, from charging the “clients” to processing in the legal billing for arrears, are displayed. The control app from highQ facilitates the work of inspectors. With the seamless inclusion in TicketOffice, Stadtwerke Osnabrück expects the new EBE solution to provide improved clarity and efficiency in its various processes.

bus c/o gbk-Gütegemeinschaft Buskomfort e.V.
Hall 26, Booth 210

Contact: Nicola Fischer
Phone: +49-761-706040

Fleet to ground communication

Fleet to ground communication
Onway software solution

CloudGuard is a software company and former start-up from Switzerland that launched a new product by the name of onway in the autumn of 2018. The software was programmed by in-house network developers and has been specially adapted to meet the needs of public transport. Basically onway ensures vehicle-to-ground communication for fleets and also provides many other benefits such as the ability to offer on-board entertainment for passengers (ill.). Quality of service mechanisms, firewalling and network virtualisation enable several applications to be operated on a single router. This results in substantially reduced operating costs for vehicle fleets. The equipment is easy to configure, manage and monitor by means of a smart cloud application. Traditional tasks such as the creation of inventories and monitoring the equipment as well as configuration management and alarm systems are combined in an up-to-date backend system.

CloudGuard Software AG
Booth 307

Contact: Gina Demarchi
Phone: +41-55-2141832 /

Maximum safety

Maximum safety
Mercedes-Benz Tourismo Safety Coach highdecker

Visitors to BUS2BUS can take advantage of demonstration runs and displays of the highdeckerMercedes-Benz Tourismo Safety Coach”,  (ill.) on the outdoor display area, as well as experiencing the ”Active Brake” and “Sideguard” assistance systems in action. The main advantages of the Tourismo are its extensive range of equipment and engine options as well as a wide deployment spectrum. The “Active Brake Assist 4“ emergency braking system not only reacts automatically to vehicles in front but also to stationary obstacles and pedestrians. When turning right “Sideguard Assist” provides an optical warning and vibration of the seat to alert drivers to the presence of pedestrians, cyclists and stationary obstacles. In addition, in Hall 26 at BUS2BUS, EvoBus is presenting the “Setra TopClass S 531 DT” and the Omniplus service system.

EvoBus GmbH / Mercedes-Benz
Booth 401

Contact: Nada Filipovic
Phone: +49-711-1751091

Wide range of uses and some brand new possibilities

Wide range of uses and some brand new possibilities
Setra TopClass S 531 DT doubledecker

With its numerous equipment and engine options the “Setra TopClass S 531 DT” doubledecker (ill.) offers a wide range of uses. They include long distance scheduled and coach services, as well as shuttle operations, excursions and occasional use on long distance routes. With a length of exactly 14 metres and a height of 4 metres this doubledecker is an impressive sight. In addition to its eye-catching styling it also has outstanding aerodynamics and excellent fuel efficiency, according to the exhibitor. Among its other noteworthy features are its exceptional variability, high comfort levels and excellent safety. EvoBus is also providing information about the extensive range of services provided by Omniplus. New and existing services are integrated in the new “Omniplus On” portal. The digitalisation of this service system offers a whole range of new possibilities for bus companies and drivers. On the outdoor display area this exhibitor is also presenting its highdecker, the “Mercedes-Benz Tourismo Safety Coach”.

EvoBus GmbH / SETRA
Hall 401

Contact: Nada Filipovic
Phone: +49-711-1751091

Low loading height as well as rapid and energy-saving loading and unloading

Low loading height as well as rapid and energy-saving loading and unloading
BIKESHUTTLER bicycle carrier

Franz Harbeck, a company based in Siegsdorf, is the developer and manufacturer of solutions for carrying bicycles on scheduled bus services. The BIKESHUTTLER® is a new addition to the range (ill.). Designed for use on scheduled bus services with frequent stops, this bicycle carrier for buses meets the requirements of operators and passengers alike. Its main advantages are the low loading height and the way that it facilitates the rapid, energy-saving loading and unloading of up to 20 bicycles or e-bikes of every design. For safety reasons the trailer can only be loaded from the right. In urban traffic the hardtop provides fully automated opening. Simply load or unload the bicycles and the bus is ready to proceed to the next stop. A modified version of the HUCKEPACK® bicycle carrier is now available for omnibuses, an innovative idea from this manufacturer that has been designed to boost operators’ revenues and opens up new touring opportunities for cyclists.

Franz Harbeck GmbH
Booth 111

Contact: Franz Harbeck
Phone: +49-8662-409758

Presentation: First public transport transparency register for Germany

Plans are going ahead to set up a clearly organised online platform by the end of 2019 to collect and process significant data about the award of transport contracts in Germany, which will then be made available to the public. The German Association of Bus and Coach Operators (bdo), one of the co-initiators of this Public Transport Transparency Register, will be providing information at BUS2BUS about this new instrument for ensuring that competition is both fair and intelligible. Details about the project will be released at a press conference on the bdo stand from 3.15 to 3.45 p.m. on 19 March. The contact persons at this event will be the representatives of the project’s sponsors, including the president of the bdo, Karl Hülsmann, and participating researchers from the universities of Heilbronn and Worms. They will also be presenting details about the latest developments in the web tool. This Transparency Register provides political decision-makers, transport companies, contractors and the public with a clearer picture of market developments.

German Association of Bus and Coach Operators (bdo)
Booth 403

Contact: Christian Wahl
Phone: +49-30-24089300

Solving problems for fleets in European diesel exclusion and environmental zones

Solving problems for fleets in European diesel exclusion and environmental zones

Green-Zones is presenting its new Fleet-App (ill.) at BUS2BUS. This helps bus companies to deal with the challenges presented by environmental zones, which have now been introduced in many European cities. Green-Zones offers recommendations for the route planning of vehicle fleets, helping to prevent vehicles from entering restricted zones and thereby avoiding expensive financial penalties. All environmental zones are shown on interactive maps in Fleet-App, and a zoom function enables details to be magnified. The national and local regulations that are relevant for the type of vehicle and the Euro-category are listed for each environmental zone. It is also possible to store the entire fleet in the system, so that users know what sticker is required for each vehicle, and whether the vehicle is permitted to enter a particular environmental zone at that time. Different colours are used to mark the various environmental zones on the European map, for example, to show whether restrictions might be applied over the next few days due to poor air quality.

Green-Zones GmbH
Booth 503

Contact: Aenne Ramm
Phone: +49-30-398872141

Efficient maintenance and production in the bus industry

Efficient maintenance and production in the bus industry
Electrically adjustable work platform

Innovative maintenance systems ensure minimised downtimes and maximum efficiency: The display by Günzburger Steigtechnik at BUS2BUS 2019 demonstrates how optimised processes can enable buses to be returned to service as quickly as possible on scheduled and long distance routes. This is achieved by substantially reducing the downtime during maintenance. This specialist provider of ladders and work platforms for the bus industry is presenting highly efficient and safe solutions for working at heights (ill.). Particular mention should be made of the high-end maintenance equipment such as the first cable-less, electrically adjustable work platform. Work processes are made much easier because it does not need to be located near to a power socket. A high power battery ensures outstanding performance and maximum flexibility. Safety is guaranteed because the surrounding area is monitored by a laser scanner and camera system.


Phone: +49-8221-361601

Rapid introduction and no network structure investment required

Rapid introduction and no network structure investment required
Heuliez GX 337 ELEC

Equipped with high-energy lithium-ion NMC batteries, which are non-cooled and non-heated and have a capacity of 360 kWh, the GX ELEC has been designed for daily use and night-time recharging at the depot. No complex infrastructure is required along the route because one charge is sufficient for a range of up to 300 kilometres. This ensures that the vehicles can be up and running quickly and avoids the need for investment in the network structure. Back at the depot the charging capacity of up to 100 kW enables the electric bus to be recharged and back in service very quickly. The fully electric GX models have the same components as conventionally powered buses in the GX series and are available with the same range of equipment and fittings. This ensures a high degree of standardisation and the use of proven components. A BRT version of the “GX 337 ELEC“ (ill.) is also available.

Heuliez Bus
Booth 220

Contact: Jochen Grau
Phone: +49-731-4083953

Nox reduction – functionally reliable even in slow-moving urban traffic

Nox reduction – functionally reliable even in slow-moving urban traffic
System architecture for clean exhausts

Active thermo-management from HJS ensures that bus fleets can operate more cleanly for longer, thereby contributing to cleaner cities. This established systems supplier has applied for patents for this technology (ill.), which has been developed to the level of an original equipment manufacturer and permits the operation of Euro V/EEV vehicle fleets with an emission quality equivalent to that of modern Euro VI buses. With two-stage active thermo-management in combination with AdBlue® technology, this system functions reliably even in slow-moving urban traffic. Even in such critical operating situations the system can be relied upon to achieve the required, drastic reduction of more than 85 per cent in pollutants, thereby qualifying for financial support. Functional stability is guaranteed under all marginal conditions down to minus seven degrees Celsius. The systems have been granted a General Operating Permit. The HJS retrofit solutions comply with the eligibility guidelines for subsidies laid down by the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI).

HJS Emission Technology GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Annette Ritz
Phone: +49-2373-987218

An ideal combination – WLAN and passenger entertainment

An ideal combination – WLAN and passenger entertainment
Entertainment in buses

Along with WLAN solutions for use on long distance and local buses the Berlin company hotsplots GmbH can also offer a range of different entertainment services (ill.). The hotspot provides passengers with films, series, TV entertainment or digital newspapers and magazines. The services can be flexibly combined and can also be used by passengers even if the bus itself is not connected to the internet. This is achieved by local storage on hardware supplied by HOTSPLOTS. Regular, automated updates of the content ensure than no journey becomes boring. Currently hotsplots can be found at more than 15,000 active hotspot locations, both mobile and stationary. This exhibitor’s technology is installed both at indoor and at outdoor sites.

hotsplots GmbH
Booth 613

Contact: Claudia Obermüller
Phone: +49-30-297734868

A reliable and rugged multi-purpose bus

A reliable and rugged multi-purpose bus
Crossway LE

Iveco Magirus AG is exhibiting its Crossway LE (ill.) at BUS2BUS 2019. Designed both for urban and cross-country services, this vehicle is a reliable and rugged multi-purpose bus and the ideal choice for scheduled services on short and medium-haul routes. The Crossway LE offers the largest passenger-carrying capacity in this range, combined with excellent manoeuvrability, at a very reasonable price, according to the exhibitor. Customers have a choice of four lengths, 10.8 metres, 12 metres, 13 metres and 14.5 metres. Many different seating options are also available, to meet every requirement. Completing the range are a number of different engines such as the “Tector 7” for diesel/HVO/XTL, “Cursor 9” for diesel/HVO/XTL and ”Natural Power” for CNG or biomethane.

Iveco Magirus AG
Booth 220

Contact: Jochen Grau
Phone: +49-731-4083953

No clearance – no compromises

No clearance – no compromises
Customised special constructions

“Higher, faster, further” – production and maintenance facilities in the commercial vehicle industry are becoming even more demanding and effective. And work safety should not be compromised by this process. The objective of access technology products should be to minimise downtimes while at the same time maximising work safety. To meet these conditions work and maintenance platforms, roof and side operating platforms have been created that dock on the external surfaces of machinery and vehicles with zero clearance. This enhances the safety of personnel working on and under the access systems. Moreover customer-specific solutions from KRAUSE offer infinitely variable height adjustment, are available in stationary or mobile forms and can be provided on request with all the necessary connections such as power and compressed air. At BUS2BUS 2019 this exhibitor is presenting its latest solutions as well as informing visitors to the stand about the advantages of its customised special constructions (ill.).

KRAUSE-Werk GmbH & Co. KG

Contact: Wolfgang Jung
Phone: +49-6631-7950

Increased range and zero emissions

Increased range and zero emissions
MAN Lion’s City urban bus

In view of the demands for progressively lower emissions in urban centres one thing is certain: to an overwhelming extent the future of local public transport will be fully electric. The display by MAN at BUS2BUS 2019 features the fully electric version of the new “MAN Lion’s City” bus for urban use (ill.). A slight design modification emphasises the unique nature of the electric drive system. The most striking features are the lack of a raised rear engine compartment and the improved seating area due to the fact that the batteries are installed on the roof. Firstly this removes the batteries from the rear of the vehicle, which is vulnerable in the event of a crash. Secondly it allows for more design flexibility, more pleasant lighting and up to four additional seats inside. The fully electric driveline of the Solobus 160 provides up to a maximum of 270 kW, the energy coming from the modular batteries, with a capacity of 480 kWh in the Solo version and 640 kWh in the articulated bus. The Lion’s City E has a range of 200 kilometres, and under favourable conditions this can increase to as much as 270 kilometres throughout the entire life cycle of the batteries.

MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH

Contact: Alwin Berti
Phone: +49-89-242027530

Product quality, guaranteed follow-up deliveries, and colour consistency

Product quality, guaranteed follow-up deliveries, and colour consistency
Team clothing

For more than 25 years münz GmbH has been specialising in the sale and distribution of premium team clothing (ill.) and today it is one of the leading German outfitters for workwear. Making its first appearance at BUS2BUS, this company is exhibiting a range of selected products. They include stylish business shirts, functional knitted and softshell jackets and protective, high visibility jackets – and the company can offer the ideal clothing for many different purposes. This exhibitor promises the constant high quality of its products, guaranteed follow-up deliveries, fabrics with colour consistency and a smoothly functioning dispatch process. Furthermore münz can enhance items of clothing by adding a company logo.

münz GmbH
Booth 205

Contact: Christina Neeb
Phone: +49-2602-937462

Improving efficiency and the quality of the service

Using artificial intelligence and optimisation algorithms, Optibus helps the world’s leading transport companies to manage public transport services with the maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Its SaaS platform has been designed for effectively planning and scheduling the deployment of every vehicle. It provides its users with detailed insights into operations, adherence to schedules, and costs. The Optibus solution has so far been chosen by over 300 cities around the world for planning complex transport services. This platform improves efficiency and the quality of the services as well as reducing costs and emissions. The company has branches in San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv and Düsseldorf.

Optibus Ltd.
IL-Tel Aviv
Booth 303

Contact: Shir Marcus
Phone: +972-73-3729586

High quality, individual public service vehicles

High quality, individual public service vehicles
MOBI/LE midi-bus

Based in Herxheim, ProBus has been specialising in mini- and midi-buses for more than ten years and has now expanded its extensive range of coaches and combi-buses with the inclusion of two new coaches. Both of the new vehicles can be seen on the stand at BUS2BUS 2019. This exhibitor has introduced these new models in response to the growing demand in the mini- and midi-coach segment and in order to be able to offer its customers vehicles that are of a high quality and also individual. The MOBI/LE (ill.) is based on an IVECO platform and is powered by a 132 kW (180 bhp) engine, has an 8-speed automatic gearbox and can carry a maximum of 38 passengers, of whom 25 are seated. To meet customers’ individual requirements passenger air conditioning can be provided with or without luggage lockers, seating for regular or overland services and AVL systems.

ProBus Omnibusvertrieb GmbH

Contact: Marco Feth
Phone: +49-7276-987500

Fare billing with printed receipts

Fare billing with printed receipts
BusMATRIK P2 on-board computer with printer

In recent years TeleMATRIK has become an effective supplier of comprehensive solutions for large and small privately owned bus companies. A new on-board computer is being introduced in 2019. The “BusMATRIK P2” (ill.) generation is a logical continuation of the already successful P1 ticket printer. This exhibitor is continuing along the same path and has installed more well-tested standard components such as the new Samsung Tab Active 2 as a driver display, as well as a standard single-board computer for the on-board systems and to control the printer. In addition to a new e-ticketing component the new on-board computer also has a built-in QR reader. This enables the new model to process all kinds of electronic and online tickets, including a VDV core application. New features of the tablet used in the BusMATRIK driver assistant include navigation by means of a graphic map and direct fare billing with print-out of receipts.

PTS TeleMatrik GmbH

Contact: Linus Gebhardt
Phone: +43-676-843237202

Trouble-free exhaust gas after-treatment system

Trouble-free exhaust gas after-treatment system
PURINOX exhaust gas after-treatment system

PURINOX (ill.) an SCRT TM system for exhaust gas after-treatment for buses, is being exhibited for the first time at BUS2BUS 2019 by PURItech, a subsidiary of the internationally successful automobile supplier YINLUN. The specifications for the development of the system are based on three aspects: installation – maintenance – operating safety. The main advantage of this system is its trouble-free operation. PURItech engineers used simulation tools to achieve the best possible exhaust gas flow and mixing with Adblue. The innovative AdBlue TM cyclonic mixer and the completely integral insulation of the outer casing make PURINOX highly effective even at low exhaust gas temperatures. The modular structure of the SCR catalytic converter means that, for the first time, maintenance is simple and economical. This is a robust system which is of simple but high quality construction, offering significant advantages for installation and maintenance.

PURItech GmbH
DE-Hohentengen am Hochrhein
Booth 709

Contact: Ernst Platten
Phone: +49-173-6816405

No more boredom on long bus journeys

Enjoy movies on every journey. Movies and music streaming, or uninterrupted internet surfing – multimedia technology from Bosch takes the boredom out of long bus journeys. The company is exhibiting its Coach Infotainment series at BUS2BUS 2019, as a way of increasing the feel-good factor on coaches. This new system enables buses to provide an attractive alternative to other forms of transport, making them a stress-free experience, this exhibitor explains. All the components of the system such as the high resolution monitors and the central head unit are linked together by means of an ethernet AVB. The letters AVB stand for Audio Video Bridge – a transmission technology that provides for interference-free and synchronous reproduction in the automotive sector of sound and images even with high definition (HD) films. The new ethernet cabling is particularly light and compact, thereby saving on valuable installation space in buses.

Robert Bosch Car Multimedia GmbH
Booth 613

Contact: Annett Fischer
Phone: +49-711-8116286

Service planning and fleet evaluation

Service planning and fleet evaluation
Scania Citywide LE Hybrid

Scania Germany is using BUS2BUS to provide details about its sustainable range of products and services for urban applications, from alternative propulsion solutions to efficient servicing. They enable companies to further improve the efficiency of their vehicles by using the appropriate services for their bus fleets. Scania Fleet Care comprises two modules, “Service Planning” and “Fleet Evaluation”. Although these can be used individually, they only achieve the maximum results when combined. Scania Fleet Care managers take care of coordinating the bus fleet and maintenance planning, irrespective of the age or make of the vehicles. A performance analysis helps to avoid operational disruption and unplanned downtimes. In addition servicing dates can be coordinated with the statutorily prescribed vehicle inspections. Scania Fleet Care offers additional benefits such as strategic KPI reports and maintenance services outside normal business hours.

Scania Deutschland GmbH
Booth 222

Contact: Sieglinde Michaelis
Phone: +49-261-8977208

Smart display integration for display systems in public transport and long distance travel

Smart display integration for display systems in public transport and long distance travel
smart.STELE display pillar

In everyday use on transport systems, conventional display systems are not always capable of presenting customers with fast-moving events. Passengers expect direct answers to the following questions: How much time do we have to change buses? Are there any delays? Are there any faster alternatives? When does the bus depart that brings me directly to my destination? By effectively combining of travel data and integrating it in dynamic display systems smart.STATIONS can provide high quality information for passengers at any location, by means of its display solutions or its products “smart.STELE” (ill.) and “smart.SCREEN”. This digital route indicator with its innovative pearl look and the first barrier-free, digital pillars can display the following data in real time: fault management, availability of installations, arrival and departure times.

Schilderwerk Beutha GmbH
Booth 710

Contact: Milissa Urban
Phone: +49-371-775151132

LED signal generator provides safer door monitoring

LED signal generator provides safer door monitoring
SITRANS lux LED signal generator

The boarding and alighting phase is a particularly sensitive point in passenger transport, and this applies equally to rail vehicles and to buses used on local and long distance services. Maximum reliability is required, in order to avoid malfunctioning when the doors are opening and closing. SITRANS lux-LED strips (ill.) from Sitron Sensor GmbH rely on a 24 VDC power source. They have a wide beam angle of 120 degrees and a very high LED density. The LED strips are installed in the door monitoring system, either as signal generators or as status indicators, thereby providing increased passenger safety. A choice of red or green luminous diodes is available. The diffuser allows the light to be emitted evenly and dazzle-free, and the units can be easily replaced if they become dirty or have been adversely affected by any other external influences.

Sitron Sensor GmbH
Booth 611

Contact: Bettina Liebig
Phone: +49-511-7285011

USB sockets on the rear wall

USB sockets on the rear wall
QS MultiPlus 2G on-board kitchen

As a further improvement to the “QS MultiPlus 2G” on-board kitchen range (ill.) the family-run business TM from Neu-Ulm is introducing a new feature at BUS2BUS 2019. In this new development the rear wall of the on-board kitchen now includes two USB sockets –on the right and the left, next to the folding tables. Passengers can now charge their mobile devices during the journey. As the exhibitor explains, it is no longer a problem when a smartphone or tablet runs out of charge during a journey. The “QuickService MultiPlus 2G” range is an ongoing development of the proven “QuickService MultiPlus” on-board kitchen from the same company. Plastic films can be used to change the colour of the housing to meet customers’ individual requirements. The three-piece rear wall has been designed for faster maintenance and an improved service. The folding tables can be recessed in the rear panel.

TM Technischer Gerätebau GmbH
Booth 505

Contact: Romina Neuß
Phone: +49-731-9742150

Fully adaptable by means of platform controller

The “PRO 8275Truckdriver terminal from TomTom Telematics is Android-based and therefore fully adaptable by means of a platform controller. A driver registration app is used to select a route, enabling an order to be generated based on the chosen route or line (ill.). Following automatic selection of the vehicle by means of the connected link box, a selection can be made of the predefined routes. The route is registered in an interface which is kept as simple as possible, and defined by the point of departure and final destination, as well as by additional intermediate points or stops. An app is also used to register the line. In addition to the line number a route number is also entered at the same time. Both of these together are used to define the route which the bus will follow. Existing lines and routes can be processed and deleted using a web-based line editor. It is also possible to set up new lines and routes, or to add or remove additional stops and intermediate points. The next time the navigation system is started up the changes are instantly available.

TomTom Telematics
Booth 208

Contact: Ines Brade
Phone: +49-30-67197160

Highly efficient system for reducing nitrous oxide levels

Highly efficient system for reducing nitrous oxide levels
BNOx test vehicle

The BNOx system (ill.) from the company Twintec Baumot is a highly efficient way of reducing nitrous oxide emissions from diesel vehicles by more than 90 per cent. Whether they are city buses, trucks or cars, vehicles in the pollution categories Euro III, IV, V and EEV that are fitted with the BNOx system can, under real conditions, achieve better readings than most vehicles in the Euro VI category. With its compact dimensions and modular construction the BNOx system requires a relatively small installation space and is compatible with all common types of diesel engines. The efficient reduction in nitrous oxide levels achieved by the BNOx system, even at low exhaust temperatures, makes it particularly suitable for use on public transport vehicles. The BNOx system consists of a BNOx (ammonia) generator that feeds the NH 3 gas directly into the exhaust gas system. This operating principle ensures that, unlike commonly used SCR systems, there is no need for hydrolysis to take place in the exhaust emissions, which can adversely affect the functioning of the system.  As a result the system functions even when the temperature of the exhaust gas is as low as 150 degrees Celsius.

TWINTEC Technologie GmbH
Booth 716

Contact: Vanessa Ester
Phone: +49-2244-9180428

Cooling and heating in electric buses with an extended operating temperature range

Cooling and heating in electric buses with an extended operating temperature range
REVO-E pro roof-mounted air conditioning unit

The new ”REVO-E pro” roof-mounted air conditioning unit (ill.) from Valeo with heat pump technology for electric buses is celebrating a world premiere at BUS2BUS 2019. Reverse circulation in the heat pump can create a physical effect that causes the condenser in the air conditioning unit to freeze up. In particular when the external temperature is low this inhibits the smooth functioning of the heat pump. However, due to its virtual icing sensor and fully automated hot gas defroster with an energy-optimised defrosting time the REVO-E pro can be operated when outside temperatures are as low as -5 degrees Celsius, using R134a refrigerant, and down to -15 degrees Celsius with R449A. Together with the Valeo SC 620 control unit this provides a genuine stand-alone solution, meaning that all the air conditioning and control components are compactly integrated in the system and the control concept is decoupled from the on-board systems. The new air conditioning system can therefore be deployed in almost any bus anywhere in the world, regardless of the particular vehicle design.

Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles Germany GmbH

Contact: Jürgen Ströbele
Phone: +49-7142-73141406

Charging via the current collector

With its "VDL Citea Electric" VDL Bus & Coach is one of the leaders in the transition to zero-emissions public transport systems. The developers have focused on achieving the maximum operational possibilities combined with the minimum overall operating costs. For the “VDL Citea Electric” (ill.) the company offers two different systems for charging via a current collector: pantographs installed either on the vehicle itself or on the infrastructure. The charging capacity of up to 450 kW provides for maximum operational flexibility. In developing this vehicle the emphasis has been on improving the battery capacity while retaining the advantages of fast charging. The planned commercial introduction of the “VDL Citea SLF-120 Electric” will feature new batteries that can be charged in just 40 minutes and have a range of more than 150 kilometres. With the experience gained from 17 million kilometres under electric power, and electric buses operating 24/7, VDL can enable all operators to convert to zero emissions, regardless of whether their buses have to cover daily distances of 150 or 500 kilometres.

VDL Bus & Coach Deutschland GmbH

Contact: Alex de Jong
Phone: +31-40-2084400

Automated and seamless passenger and driver experience

Automated and seamless passenger and driver experience
Platform for on demand ride pooling

ViaVan is a leading supplier of innovative on demand services for shared transport. The company reports that its comprehensive, cloud-based on-demand ride pooling solution (ill.) has proved its effectiveness in urban, suburban and rural areas. It is not restricted to any specific vehicle and can be used in shuttle fleets, taxis and vehicles adapted for wheelchair users. This solution encompasses all the technology modules and support services required to operate a best in class system. The passenger and driver experiences are automated and seamless. Collection, exiting and routing are being continually improved and all the participants in the system are coordinated and informed in real time. This is achieved using the following four modules: passenger app, driver app, visualiser (the card-based dispatcher interface from ViaVan) and admin consoles.

Via Transportation

Contact: Victoria Markewitz
Phone: +49-151-22303450

Wastewater disposal on coaches

Wastewater disposal on coaches
RoadPump Eco wastewater disposal solution

With the RoadPump and its different specifications being displayed at BUS2BUS, Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG is presenting its solutions for hygienically disposing of wastewater on coaches. The system is available in three series. The “RoadPump Eco” (ill.) is a mobile wastewater disposal system that provides an economical solution for smaller bus companies. The “RoadPump Easy” has been designed as a stationary system that not only disposes of wastewater but also supplies coaches with water for flushing. The “RoadPump Plus” is ideal for operators of filling stations and service stations. In addition to a flushing system it is also equipped with a drinking water filling unit. This innovative new concept was awarded the busplaner Innovation Prize for 2018 in the Workshop category. All systems can be connected to the “CollectingMax” tanker in order to empty wastewater tanks. The combination with the BusPlug suction tube ensures that wastewater removal is fast and hygienic.

Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG
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Comprehensive systems that are not restricted to specific vehicles

Comprehensive systems that are not restricted to specific vehicles
Solaris Urbino electric with Voith electric propulsion unit

As this exhibitor points out, with the development of a unique and fully electric power unit Voith has entered the growing market for e-mobility. The electric propulsion system is the first comprehensive system that is not restricted to any particular vehicle. It comprises the drive components, control of the auxiliary units, high voltage distribution, cooling system and the wiring of the generator sets. The first prototype has been installed in a Solaris Urbino electric (ill.). The plug and play system is easily incorporated in vehicles from other manufacturers, and without impairing the performance in any way. The water-cooled permanent magnet motor has a high power density, making it suitable for installation in both rigid and articulated buses. A model of this motor can be seen on the Voith stand at BUS2BUS. Also on display here is the new DIWA NXT automatic gearbox with an optional mild hybrid system and additional overdrive.

Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA
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Mobile workshop management for bus operators

Mobile workshop management for bus operators
Werbas-Nfz software solution

New forms of mobility and digital solutions have an important role to play in vehicle technology. Such developments also have their place in the work processes of workshops serving buses and commercial vehicles, as is being demonstrated by WERBAS AG at BUS2BUS. This exhibitor has been supplying its modular software solution Werbas-Nfz (ill.) to bus companies and municipal operators, as well as providing workshops in the commercial vehicle and logistics sector, and the concept is being continually improved. The result is a highly up-to-date software that not only enhances the efficiency of bus companies and workshops servicing commercial vehicles, but is also flexible enough to be able to respond to everyday challenges. With the aid of the mobile extension many functions can now be used on the move, by means of a smartphone or tablet.

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