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BUS2Spotlights – Archive 2019

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BUS2Spotlights was first released in conjunction with BUS2BUS 2019. Exhibitors are invited to present premieres and innovations free of charge. These may include products and services being presented for the first time at the innovative Trade Show. BUS2Spotlights is aimed at the media for use by journalists and also helps trade visitors plan their BUS2BUS visit more effectively.

We summarized the most important information about BUS2Spotlights for you here (PDF, 2.1 MB).

The terms of participation can be found here (PDF, 227.8 kB).

Sustainable all-round package for your electric fleet

According to market observers and analysts, the target is for up to 70 per cent of buses to be electrified by 2040. Whether for reducing fuel costs or noise emissions – the advantages of transitioning to electromobility are obvious. That is why ABB provides sustainable charging solutions from mains to charging point that are tailored to individual fleet operator needs.

ABB charging devices meet every requirement for a functioning charger, vehicle and depot management system network. With the help of charging performance, battery charge, route schedule and weather information, it is possible to control integration of the fleet in the ABB Optimax energy and depot management system. The system monitors the entire chain from mid-voltage circuits to charger, ensuring an early warning and prevention should technical problems occur. Even before the electric fleet is running, interoperability tests ensure functioning communications between vehicle and charger. With this all-round package, ABB paves the way for your sustainable and reliable electric bus operations.

ABB E-mobility GmbH
Hall 20, Booth 211

Contact: Mona Streckert
Phone: +49 151 525 610 10

Best network on the bus

Poynting Antennas, with a branch in Germany, is dedicated to ensure that its antennas and services fully meet the requirements of bus and coach markets. Poynting’s New PUCK and MIMO-3 Antennas Series cover all global LTE frequencies available, while already including 5G frequencies and are updated with the new version of e-Mark E1 ECE R10v6 certification.

The PUCK Antennas Series is a smaller sized (minor impact on the aesthetics of the coach), ultra-versatile, antenna. It has an anti-vandalism design, to top it’s IK10 ruggedness certification. Called a series, as there are different antenna models within this series, ranging from single cellular, the PUCK-1, to 2 x Cellular + 2 x Wi-Fi + 1 x GPS, the PUCK-5.

The MIMO-3 Antennas Series take advantage of their bigger sizes to deliver best in-class performance on the lower frequencies!

There are different versions of the MIMO-3 Antennas Series. Each version entails different configurations: Ranging from a couple of cellular elements, a 2x2 MIMO LTE/5G antenna on a single housing, called a MIMO-3-12, to a more complex design including 4 Cellular antenna elements, 2 Wi-Fi antenna elements and a GPS, all within a single housing. The MIMO-3-17.

Both antennas series have an entire set of mounting accessories is included with the antennas.

Who’s using our antennas to ensure their onboarded systems are always connected?

• Deutche Bahn Westfahlen, in Germany, uses our MIMO-3 antennas on almost 400 buses, which are responsible for regional connections.

• Volvo and Solaris’s also uses our antennas to equip their buses.

D-82110 Germering
Hall 20, Booth 309

Contact: Karsten Micke
Phone: +49 (0)89 894 222 - 98

Surfing on the road

Sierra Wireless, the world’s leading IoT solutions provider, launched the next evolution in market leading vehicle routers with its new XR Series of multi-network 5G routers

The supercharged AirLink XR90 is purpose-built for public safety and transit with available dual-5G cellular radios and dual independent 4x4 MIMO Wi-Fi 6 subsystems.

The XR90 is the highest performing, most flexible router in the Sierra portfolio. It supports complete device-to-cloud security, reduces your total cost of ownership with AirLink® Management Service (ALMS) Out-of-Band management, and with the cartridged-based design, enables long-term expandability and upgradability.

The AirLink XR90 is a fully supported, out-of-the-box solution complete with AirLink Premium for integrated device management, Advanced Mobility Reporting, 24/7 technical support and advanced device replacement. AirLink Connection Manager delivers complete VPN security while our AirLink Professional Services team maximizes your system performance and customer satisfaction.

D-82110 Germering
Hall 20, Booth 309

Contact: Karsten Micke
Phone: +49 (0)89 894 222 - 98

A new benchmark in the electric minibus segment

Celebrating its 20th year anniversary, Lithuanian minibus manufacturer Altas Auto presents its fully electric minibus ALTAS Novus Cityline. The extended wheelbase version for the first time is being presented to the public at Bus2Bus 2022. The new zero-emission vehicle is 7.6 metres long and can fit up to 22 passengers. Redesigned with manufacturer badges, special painting at the front grille and other individually developed design solutions, the vehicle stands out as an innovative and refined version of a traditional minibus. Along with the aesthetics, the functionality plays a strong role and provides best in class electric drive parameters with a range of 270km and battery capacity of 115kWh. One of the main development priorities were the driving comfort and dynamics which are ensured by a 150 kW motor and convenient user interface to keep the driver informed about the current state of the vehicle. With a maximum charging power of 100kW, Altas Novus minibuses can get back to routes in just 50 minutes which ensures superior efficiency on daily basis.

Atlas Auto
LI- Pikutiskes

Contact: Lukas Laurikietis
Phone: +370 688 49713

Robust tablet for navigation and fleet management

PRO 8475

The PRO 8475 is our top model in the PRO Driver terminal range – a future-proof and robust tablet with a 7-inch screen which combines professional navigation and fleet management functions with Google services and connects companies and employees. The PRO8475 can be used as an independent sat nav device or can form part of a comprehensive fleet management solution with our WEBFLEET software.

Increase productivity and improve customer service

• Industry-wide best HGV navigation service

• Seamless communications and job order administration function connecting driver and back office

• Automatically collects work hour and mileage data, thus minimising administration time

• Dispatchers can send drivers specific instructions, which minimises the planning effort. Using the WEBFLEET job order optimisation feature (optional) you can can optimise job orders with a single click.

• Additional apps for an efficient mobile workforce can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Cartec/ Webfleet Solutions-Partner

Contact: Dana Schmidt
Phone: +49 173 8887800

Most efficient battery use results in a single-charge range up to 450 km

Most efficient battery use results in a single-charge range up to 450 km
Ebusco will show the Ebusco 2.2 with a wide range at BUS2BUS.

Ebusco leads the electrification of public transport with their ground-breaking, zero-emission, battery electric buses. The Ebusco 2.2, which will be displayed at the Bus2Bus 2022, has a range up to 450 kilometres. This range is achieved with their in-house-engineered battery packs and the extremely efficient driveline. There are different battery packs available where the biggest pack has a capacity of more than 500 kWh. By using these batteries in the most efficient way, this bus can drive in operation for the whole day without being dependent on opportunity charging. The buses can be charged at night in the depot and be ready for operation the next morning. The Ebusco 2.2 is available in different lengths from 12 meters up to 18 meters. With the help of Ebusco Live, Ebusco receives important data for improving their buses. All ingredient together gives the Ebusco 2.2 a very low Total Cost of Ownership. Driving electric is no longer a dream. It is a choice

NL-SV Deurne

Contact: Rob Stevens
Phone: +31 (0)88 1100 200

IVECO E-WAY: Flexible battery capacities for optimum working conditions

IVECO E-WAY: Flexible battery capacities for optimum working conditions
The battery power of IVECO's E-WAY buses can be flexibly configured.

Equipped with high-energy, non-cooled/heated, lithium-ion NMC batteries with a capacity of 42 kWh per pack (maximum of 11 packs on the 12 m version), the E-WAY is designed for daily use and night-time charging at the depot. The flexible battery capacity means the range (more than 400 km on one charge) or passenger load (up to 85) on the 12 m version can be adapted to suit the relevant working conditions. Calculations based on the route profile can assist configuring the vehicle.

The fully electric models of the E-WAY series (12 m and 18 m) are available with a pantograph / night-time charging function and battery concepts to match. The shorter models (9.5 m and 10.7 m in length) are available with the depot charging function and at 2.33 m are narrower than the 12 m and 18 m versions, allowing them to perfectly negotiate urban quarters or narrow old towns. The E-WAY is also available as a BRT version.

Iveco Magirus AG
Booth 501

Contact: Jochen Grau
Phone: +49 731 4083953

IVECO STREETWAY: Germany debut for IVECO’s new city bus

IVECO STREETWAY: Germany debut for IVECO’s new city bus
The STREETWAY model from IVECO will celebrate its German premiere at BUS2BUS.

The STREETWAY by IVECO BUS is celebrating its Germany debut at this year’s BUS2BUS in Berlin. On show will be a 12 m long low-floor city bus equipped with an EURO VI Step E, Cursor-9 diesel engine with a power output of up to 265 kW (360 bhp), a transmission by Voith or ZF, and featuring two or three doors and an HVO/xTL-compatible stationary heating system by Valeo.

With its STREETWAY model, IVECO BUS is augmenting its city transport range with an efficient bus specially designed for urban use. The new low-floor bus is available in three lengths (12 m, 18 m and 18.75 m), which permit a wide range of configurations for meeting different urban transport needs. The bus is powered by a highly efficient fuel-saving engine by FPT Industrial, which is available in diesel and CNG versions and ensures clean, low-cost operations.

Iveco Magirus AG
Booth 501

Contact: Jochen Grau
Phone: +49-731-4083953

Karsan in Electric Mobility

Karsan has taken a leap in the last 5 years; looking at the future; the brand has renewed itself with future technologies. With the vision of “A STEP AHEAD IN THE FUTURE OF MOBILITY”; Karsan lead the way of electric and driverless vehicles transformation. First products of this transformation were e-JEST and e-ATAK which were launched two years ago, one after the other. A segment creator 6-meter e-Jest, became the segment leader in the European Market with a 43% share last year (in 2020).

Since 2019, over 300 Karsan e-buses are running across Europe and have million kms’ experience operating. With this know-how and product range, Karsan is offering public transport operators to be their one stop solution partner and “save their energy”.

e-JEST and e-ATAK are in great demand especially in France, Germany and Romania. Karsan have gained more than 2 million km of experience with it’s electric vehicles which was an important experience and became a well known and trusted brand in the last 3 years. Now offers a complete product range with e-ATA series which makes Karsan the first and only European brand to offer a full electric product range from 6 to 18 meters.


Contact: Nurdan Dortpinar
Phone: +90 (0)5497493567

Electric bus fleet charging

Cleaner public transportation and the delivery of goods are becoming a new global norm. Kempower’s market leading electric bus depot and end stop charging stations provide you with a cutting-edge network of chargers for a wide range of commercial electric vehicles.

How do you optimize the use of a charging network for range-based batteries?

• Deciding between static and dynamic power distribution is the key

• Optimize bus depot location versus operated bus routes, and utilize daily charging at the depot

• Manage and optimize the charging of your bus fleet by utilizing Kempower ChargEye connected


Meet EV charging standards

Kempower charging solutions are compatible with the most common charging standards, CCS, CHAdeMO, and Type 2. New solutions are being introduced as the industry goes forward.

Expand your business with scalable charging solutions

Kempower charging solutions are designed so that your charger network can be scaled up effortlessly. The solutions are modular, so you can start small and add power when you need.

Optimize your depot operations

With Kempower ChargEye, you can utilize your electric bus fleet according to its optimal charging reservation. It minimizes peaks in electricity use to ensure that the charging current stays stable and excess costs are reduced.

Connected services

Kempower ChargEye is a comprehensive, easy-to-use cloud-based charging management system for charge point operators and retailers, bus and truck operators and off-highway vehicle fleets. When Kempower chargers are connected to the ChargEye system, the charging network operator can easily monitor, manage and diagnose the day-to-day operations of the chargers and vehicles.

Kempower ChargEye also ensures that commercial vehicle fleets are always ready for duty on time and when needed, while optimizing energy costs and managing the fleet’s battery health. ChargEye directly integrates into other IT systems, such as fleet and schedule management systems, providing seamless operations and reporting.


Contact: Paula Savonen
Phone: +358 29 0021900

Low-entry-bus for city traffic

The market for low-entry buses is currently expanding rapidly. The new MAN Lion’s Intercity LE combines the best of two worlds – it features optimised seating and low-floor and overland design concepts together in a modern, stylish vehicle. Sporting six different designs, the new low-entry model replaces three established production series: the LE series derived from the low-floor urban bus Lion’s City, the Lion’s City Ü (A 20), also based on a city bus design, and not least the ever-popular Lion’s City LE/Ü (A 78). The tried and tested EfficientHybrid module from the new city bus generation, which here too comes equipped with an ultra-efficient automatic stop-start feature and boost function, is still available and a unique selling point on the market.


Contact: Nicole Bratrich
Phone: +49 151 57012253

Fast maintenance thanks to innovative climbing technology

Solutions made in Günzburg ensure that you can optimise processes and reduce downtimes to a minimum. Regardless of whether you are a public transport or private operator, the innovative ideas of this quality manufacturer mean you will be well prepared for the future. Access technology from Günzburg lets you efficiently maintain the latest generation of electric and hybrid buses especially.

To meet these maintenance demands Munk Günzburger Steigtechnik offers roof working structures for example, which enable technicians to easily access modules and components installed on roofs.

Munk Günzburger Steigtechnik’s FlexxTower single-person scaffolding is a genuine all-rounder. A single person can assemble and dismantle it without tools. Its work platform also offers enough space for two persons to a work at heights of over six metres.

MUNK Group
Hall 20, Booth 313

Contact: Bettina Sauter-Kueres
Phone: +49 (0) 8221/36 16-01

Minibus with electric drive

The Otokar electric familly is growing with the arrival of a new vehicle, the e-Centro C 100% electric minibus, wich you will be able discover as a premiere on the Bus2Bus exhibition.

Otokar, the leading Turkish bus brand, offers solutions tailored to the needs of its customers using its own technology, design and applications. With lengths ranging from 6.6 metres to 21 metres, Otokar offers a complete range of urban vehicles to optimise the fleets of public transport operators. Otokar has introduced Turkey’s first hybrid bus (2007) and first electric bus (2012) to the market, continues to work on alternative fuel buses.. More than 32,000 Otokar coaches and buses are currently used in over 50 countries

Otokar Europe
FR-Roissy en France

Contact: Quentin Tutundjian
Phone: +33 (0)6 11 99 89 43

Retrofitting buses sustainably

Retrofitting buses sustainably
Sporting a new design, the pepper bus is on display at BUS2BUS.

At BUS2BUS pepper is displaying an electrified Mercedes-Benz Citaro C1 with a distinct corporate design. In recent years work has been ongoing to bring this bus to market to a high standard unique in the retrofitting industry. Besides fulfilling ISO 9001, its certification to functional safety standard ISO 26262 underlines the high level of quality it has attained. Technical advances in pepper’s proprietary Vehicle Control Unit, various drive profile, vehicle handling and air-conditioning configurations as well as increased energy efficiency are among the developments contributing to the product’s high standard. With its modular concept, pepper has created a basis for perfectly scaling these bus models’ mass production, thus easily facilitating individual specifications and production runs. Having secured new external manufacturing partnerships and additional sites in Paderborn and Vienna, pepper is now even better equipped for the future. Its service network continues to expand too. Thus mobile teams for supporting local dealer partnerships are currently in planning.
The funding of just under EUR 30 million in March 2022 represents a milestone in the financing cycle. The Hamburg-based family office Lennertz & Co. thus joins the company as lead investor and the Würth Group as strategic investor.

pepper motion

Contact: Sabrina Gugel
Phone: +49 160 6264642

Safe diesel prices

Portland GmbH belongs to the Portland Fuel Trading Company, an international operator, and specialises in limiting fuel prices. For years there have been high fluctuations in the price of diesel, while it continues to rise. Portland is the only company in Germany to offer small and medium-sized enterprises a solution to this problem. Do what the big players do! Get a fixed price on diesel for up to 18 months. By obtaining a fixed price you can control your expenses and make sure your budget is safe. Whether you are a forwarding agent, bus operator, trader or any other company, we offer individual solutions which together we can work out. We also offer additional services such as offsetting your carbon footprint with the purchase of carbon offsetting certificates.

Portland Deutschland

Contact: Jürgen Fedrowitz
Phone: +49 2043-944236

New SONAX power cleaner for buses and trucks

On the SONAX stand the focus is on the new MultiClean Truck + Bus cleaner. This is a fragrant multi-purpose high-performance agent perfectly adapted to commercial vehicle wash requirements.

What sounds like a contradiction is in fact a decisive advantage with this cleaner: less foam leads to better cleaning results. That is because it dissolves oil and road dirt clinging to surfaces as well as insect residues more directly and rapidly in the summer.

Incidentally, the ’multi’ stands for versatility. The cleaner can be applied not only mechanically via the washing system, but also manually using a low-pressure jet. Depending on the degree of soiling and intended use, it is recommended to dilute the concentrate to a ratio of between 1:10 and 1:50 and apply it for about 5 minutes.

DE-Neuburg a. d. Donau

Contact: Matthias Fischer
Phone: +40 2045 4125 771

Cooling and heating in electric buses with zero emission

Cooling and heating in electric buses with zero emission
Valeo presents heating and cooling systems for electric buses.

Valeo is presenting its latest emission-free rooftop air conditioning with a compact, reversible heat pump. This system efficiently cools and heats the interior of the electric vehicle with low energy consumption. The system is operated with the natural refrigerant R744 (CO2 with GWP = 1), whose chemical properties and the in-house developed control system enable the unit to be used at ambient temperatures ranging from -20° to +58°C.

Moreover, Valeo is exhibiting its high-voltage heater for electric buses, where there is an increased demand for heating at very low outside temperatures. This device features infinitely variable heat output control by means of an integral control unit. This function allows the high-voltage heater to be actively integrated into the vehicle’s battery management system and increases the overall efficiency of the system.


Contact: Fabienne EHMANN
Phone: +49 (0) 81057721828

New buses with electric drive

VDL Bus & Coach has become one of Europe’s leading electromobility players. Ever since it exhibited the first Citea SLF-120 Electric at the UITP Mobility & City Transport 2013 in Geneva, VDL Bus & Coach has focused on electromobility. In 2021, VDL Bus & Coach presented its latest-generation electric Citea. In line with VDL’s vision, the company has designed a forward-looking, fully electric drive bus concept, which naturally is emissions-free. It features floor-mounted batteries, a composite one-part side panel, smart energy management, an intelligent air-conditioning control system and an ergonomically designed cab. These are the five major innovations of VDL Bus & Coach’s latest-generation Citea range, which features four wheelbases and five versions. The range of the latest-generation Citea has been vastly improved, and on all vehicles is between 500 and 600 kilometres.

The latest-generation Citea has already been sold to various countries, and this year will begin service in several cities and regions: the Netherlands (Eindhoven), Finland (Kotka and Lahti), Belgium (throughout Flanders), Germany (Oberhausen) and France (Bordeaux). Currently, more than 1,000 electric VDL Citea buses are operating in 11 countries. These were delivered between 2015 and the first quarter of 2022. VDL Bus & Coach is well on the way to achieving the 200 million-kilometre mark for electric vehicles.

VDL Bus & Coach

Contact: Sarah Schomann
Phone: +49 (0)2951 608-229

Easy cleaning of sewage tanks

Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG is presenting its award-winning solutions for hygienically removing wastewater from coaches at BUS2BUS (Hall 21, Stand 204) in Berlin. Its RoadPump systems enable quick and hygienic wastewater disposal. “RoadPump solutions are tried and tested in practice. Depending on their needs, bus and coach operators, petrol stations and motorway services can choose from various model ranges. These include systems for mobile or stationary use, for wastewater disposal only, and for supplying drinking and flushing water“, said Harald Vogelsang, managing director of Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG.

Mobile and stationary wastewater disposal

The Vogelsang RoadPump Eco is a mobile, low-cost wastewater disposal system for small-sized bus and coach operators. The Vogelsang RoadPump Plus was designed especially for operators of petrol station and motorway service operators. It also features a drinking water filling system and thus covers all water-related service needs. In addition, the RoadPump Plus can be equipped with various payment systems and can be used without an operator or operator supervision.

Robust pumps, clean handling

RoadPump wastewater disposal systems are equipped with an extremely compact, robust VX series rotary lobe pump. Toilet paper and other foreign objects in the wastewater do not affect its operation. All these systems can also be connected to a CollectingMax drip pan, which collects wastewater drained by conventional methods. The wastewater collected is then pumped into the sewage system or a collection tank.

The BusPlug is a patented, easy-to-fit suction nozzle for connecting to waste tanks that enables particularly quick and hygienic wastewater disposal. The BusPlug connects the bus toilet tank with the suction station via a hose, Vogelsang has thus created an end-to-end wastewater disposal system that significantly minimises ground soiling and avoids unpleasant odours.

DE- Essen (Oldenburg)

Contact: Sebastian Schoen
Phone: +49 5434 83 - 229

Firm and comfortable: chassis control for electric buses

Firm and comfortable: chassis control for electric buses
Electrically driven articulated bus

Especially in the case of electric buses with batteries weighing several tons mounted on the roof, the high center of gravity increases the roll angle. This can cause dangerous dynamic pitching. With its semi-active "Continuous Damping Control" (CDC) damping system, ZF Group offers a solution that combines vehicle stability with passenger comfort. Instead of applying stiffer damper tuning that increases stability – albeit at the expense of the passengers who then experience unpleasant jolts – the adaptive CDC system adjusts the damping force to the specific situation and requirements within milliseconds. Depending on the chassis design, this is done individually for each wheel or per half-axle.

The recent merger of the Commercial Vehicle Control Systems (former WABCO) and the Commercial Vehicle Technology Division of the ZF Group has resulted in additional future potential for CDC. For example, the system combination of air spring and damper control and its intelligent further networking – resulting in innovations for buses and trucks.

ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Booth 205

Phone: +49 7541 77-0

Sustainable solution for modern cities

Sustainable solution for modern cities
The Škoda E'CITY electric bus is easy to charge and has a long range.

Škoda Transportation Group is one of the leading manufacturers of products for public transport. Electric bus Škoda E'CITY is 12 meters long, fully low-floor, emission-free, battery-powered vehicle that has a guaranteed range of more than 100 kilometers on a single charge. Its designed speed is 80 km/h, charging power is up to 150kW, and charging takes place using a double arm pantograph located on the vehicle and an on-board galvanically isolated charger directly from the network. There is also the option of plug-in overnight charging in the depot from a socket. Air conditioning and heating are also purely electronic, and the driver's cab is closed due to higher safety requirements. There is naturally also a space for prams and wheelchairs, as well as places for people with reduced mobility. The electric bus will be equipped with a modern information and check-in system, including automatic passenger counting and equipment for the blind. There will also be a camera system for passenger safety.

Škoda Transportation Group
Hall 20, Booth 112/122A

Contact: Jan Švehla
Phone: +420 723 788 682