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Fresh Travel Award

What is BUS2BUS "Fresh Travel?”

Fresh Travel

The future of bus mobility is being shaped by sustainable drive systems, digitalization, innovative design options and above all, by rapidly changing customer needs. Pioneering travel concepts focus on the needs of passengers as well as on environmental factors. This applies to the wide-ranging uses of the bus as a miracle of versatility – from public transport, to long-distance travel and bus tourism.

Mobility engineers are exploring futuristic bus designs featuring transparent surfaces and energy-saving lighting to create a modern, appealing look. Together with sustainable drive systems, the new designs play a key role in reshaping the public image of buses. As a trade show for bus industry innovations, BUS2BUS consolidates the "Fresh Travel" concept and demonstrates how this approach supports the industry’s changing profile.

Showcase your innovative concepts and solutions and apply now for the BUS2BUS Fresh Travel Award!

The competition is open to everyone – especially students! – who submits ideas or concepts related to the following themes:

  • Vehicle and interior design/engineering
  • New materials and applications
  • Innovative travel concepts and travel packages
  • Sustainable travel
  • Special topic: Travel Hub of the Future
  • Innovative food concepts for coaches/long-distance buses
  • Digital solutions for on board entertainment/infotainment, booking platforms, travel apps
  • Personalized digital travel guides
  • Smart safety and assistance systems
  • Other fresh travel ideas

Special topic: Travel Hub of the Future

The enjoyment begins at the start of the journey and rest stops are a key aspect of the overall experience. As one of the most important spaces for the bus industry, the travel hub of the future fits seamlessly into modern coach travel. Our focus is on the following themes:

  • Sustainability – use of renewable energies, installation of solar or wind power systems, use of rainwater, integration of charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Eco-friendly architecture – designs based on ecological aspects including energy-efficient buildings or intelligent lighting technologies
  • Diverse food service options – full range of dining choices to suit all nutritional preferences
  • Digitalization and connectivity – innovative digital infrastructure, seamless connectivity, high-speed Wi-Fi, digital information systems, reservations for charging/parking/overnight slots, mobile apps for food ordering, etc.
  • Multifunctional usage ¬– facilities that go beyond food services to include shops, cultural or training centers, exhibits, event spaces, etc.

A jury of experts will select the best ideas for the BUS2BUS Fresh Travel Awards that will be presented live at BUS2BUS 2024.The application deadline has closed.

These companies have pitched
their Fresh Travel ideas this year:

DB Regio Bus Mitte GmbH

For the first time, innovative seating concepts and state-of-the-art OLED displays are being combined with real-time information in a weight-reduced e-bus. More information can be found here.

Hermann Innovations GmbH

Our DESI-System DESI Vital Tec can be installed in new buses. Older buses can be easily retrofitted. No maintenance is required. More information can be found here.


HYPERBUS, the high performance bus travel experience, optimized for autonomous driving in the fast lane. More information can be found here.

neomind GmbH

The Toray-RMV A/PURE shuttle mockup revolutionizes public transport with innovative technology, sustainability and user-oriented design. More information can be found here.

Neonmedia Oy

Neonmedia revolutionizes bus advertising: over 2M passengers reached weekly, improved travel experience, sustainable mobility promote. More information can be found here.

spotAR (EVOspark GmbH)

spotAR: Bring travel brochures to life with AR & AI audio - discover 360° views & immerse yourself in the story before you travel! More information can be found here.


A new freeway experience for getting around with your car, without having to drive it: safer journeys, less carbon emissions and more free time. More information can be found here.

vJourney GmbH

vJourney - travel beyond limit - combines eHealth with tourism and gamification for an immersive bus journey against forgotten memories. More information can be found here.

In cooperation with

Symone, an SSE company, is a unique mode of transport for long motorway journeys.Selected and presented to the European Parliament in 2023 as one of the 100 solutions to accelerate the ecological transition.Meet the needs of the millions of cars/motorbikes that make long motorway journeys and don't use other modes of transport.Facilitates the use of small electric vehicles and encourages more car-sharing.Easy to duplicate, using existing infrastructure. The 1st green coach that transports you and your vehicle without having to drive it. 1 Symone: 20 passengers + 10 cars/motorbikes. For BtoB/BtoC, day and night: +ecological + safe + saves free time 400 motorcyclists transported since 2023 on an intermediate concept: 1 T of CO2 avoided/month.

vJourney (virtual Journey) enables all people who are unable to travel for a variety of reasons to experience travel interactively. Innovative virtual reality technology turns the coach journey into an immersive experience in your own living room or in a care or hospital facility. This not only improves quality of life, but also has a positive impact on cognitive abilities and motor skills in neurological conditions such as dementia.

The Toray-RMV A/PURE Shuttle is revolutionizing public transport with innovative technology, sustainability and user-oriented design. The autonomous shuttle enables a flexible on-demand extension of public transport. By focusing on plant-based materials, the interior sets new standards. The inclusive layout strikes a balance between high capacity, safety and comfort. The modern design already takes into account operational aspects for autonomous driving. The emphasis on comfort not only has a positive impact on the travel experience, but also promotes a sense of safety, calm and well-being. In doing so, it improves the social realities of travel and contributes to a sustainable future.

As a pioneer in digital outdoor advertising for buses, Neonmedia Oy is revolutionizing the industry. With our technology, we reach over two million bus passengers every week, which is a technological breakthrough. Our innovation is highly scalable and offers nationwide coverage. We also improve the travel experience and promote sustainable mobility, which has a positive environmental and social impact.

SpotAR contributes to "Fresh Travel" by integrating AR with AI audio into travel brochures, providing an innovative, immersive experience. The platform is scaling globally, meeting increasing demand and providing interactive insights into destinations, promoting ecological awareness and cultural appreciation.

Travelling in a bus with strangers can be enjoyable and relaxing at the best or annoying and uncomfortable at the worst. We would like to think that we are safe. But are we? Our DESI -System DESI Vital Tec really brings freshness and well-being to traveling. With its innovative air ionization technology, pollutants such as bacteria, viruses and fine dust are eliminated or rendered harmless. Odors of all kinds are neutralized. What remains is an air quality like in the forest - invigorating, fresh, healthy. The customer enjoys his travel experience without restrictions. Furthermore are our DESI Vital Tec maintenance free since the devices do not run with filters, but rely on ionization.

The battery-electric "ShowBus - Driven by Innovation" combines sustainability (lightweight construction, weight-reduced single glazing), innovative seating concepts (sliding seats, lounge area, privacy seats, weight-reduced mesh seats) and new types of information (semi-transparent OLED displays with real-time information, flexible OLED roof lining and line display integrated into the window pane). The ShowBus stands for maximum flexibility with an elegant design. Customers are offered a completely new, fresh travel experience in a city bus that specifically satisfies different needs. And the best thing is that it is not just for show, but will be in daily service in Frankfurt from fall 2024.

HYPERBUS is a high-performance vehicle with modular EV and fuel cell architecture. The bionically inspired lightweight frame created by generative AI design enables innovative lighting concepts for the interior and ensures maximum stability and safety. Large doors allow barrier-free access. Consistent aerodynamic optimization of the surfaces and a low tire cross-section further increase efficiency. In autonomous driving mode without a driver, the front windshield, which is pulled far back, offers an exclusive travel experience not only for the front row.