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Discover tomorrow´s markets
the Future Forum shows what´s next

Keynotes, Workshops, Panels, Startup Pitches

At the Future Forum of BUS2BUS keynote speeches, workshops, panels and startup pitches examined current and future topics. Since BUS2BUS was launched, the focus has been and is on buses and coaches as a flexible and sustainable form of transport.

The futurist and urban geographer Dr. Stefan Carsten was curator of the stage program. His work examines the future, cities and mobility.

The pandemic and climate change will influence mobility in the long term. In order to overcome the risks and challenges a new understanding of mobility in general and the bus industry in particular is required.

Mobility is much more than mere mobility in space. It is in fact the driving force of social and economic existence, in physical and virtual space. It determines the means of transport we use and what our journey looks like. It defines the concepts and the drives of the future and is at the heart of the most important innovations of our time. Innovations that we urgently need in order to successfully shape the social and economic consequences of Corona and climate change in a sustainable way. For this, we need a new understanding of mobility and new mobility concepts.

This is BUS2BUS: Thinking mobility anew, acting anew. Due to its adaptability, availability and flexibility, the bus is predestined to provide short-term answers to the challenges of innovative and sustainable mobility - this is what the Future Forum (BUS2BUS stage program) is all about.

These were the topics of the Future Forum 2022

  • New Drive Innovations (drives, infrastructure, which solutions for which areas of application/ difference between urban and rural areas)
  • Fresh Travel (How do we envision (bus) travel tomorrow? Innovative concepts for bus tourism and long-distance travel/ connection)
  • Mobility & Environment (Panel of the German Bus and Coach Operators‘ Association bdo)
  • Concurrence & Change (Panel of the German Bus and Coach Operators‘ Association bdo)
  • Autonomous Intelligence (Digitalization/ Autonomous Driving/ Future Concepts)
  • BUS2Pitch (Startups present solutions for the mobility industry)
  • BUS2Insights (partners and exhibitors present innovative solutions)