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These are the BUS2Spotlights of BUS2BUS 2024!

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Safe fuel cell drive

Safe fuel cell drive
The ARTHUR ZERO fuel cell bus is now even safer and offers better performance.

ARTHUR BUS considers itself a pioneer in low-emissions public transport. The ARTHUR ZERO fuel cell bus stands for efficiency, eco-friendliness and modern design and now incorporates a number of new features. ARTHUS BUS has redesigned the driver’s cabin to VDV standards for maximum comfort. Performance, energy efficiency and the total cost of ownership (TOC) have been optimised. International testing has also resulted in improvements to safety and quality. According to the manufacturer, the model complies with General Safety Regulation 2 (FSR2). This UN safety regulation for new vehicles is designed to improve road safety. Customers can have vehicles manufactured to their own specifications.

D – Planegg
Hall 27

Contact: Philipp Glonner
Phone: +49 151 27570001

Reliable rail replacement services

Reliable rail replacement services
DB SEV GmbH plans and organises rail replacement and emergency bus services.

DB SEV GmbH provides reliable rail replacement buses when train lines are blocked, whether due to track repairs, storm damage or flooding. Since starting up in 2019 the Berlin-based company has been the place to contact for planning, organising and running emergency rail replacement bus services, and offers all rail replacement activities as a package. With its long years of experience and wide-ranging expertise, the company operates in all parts of Germany and is under contract to various rail transport companies for planning, organising and running rail replacement services. It also has an extensive network of partners. In addition to DB SEV GmbH, DB Regio Ressort Straße is also presenting its digital booking and navigation solutions at BUS2BUS.

DB Regio – Ressort Straße
D – Frankfurt am Main
Hall 27, Booth 312

Contact: Felix Thielmann

New bus gets top marks

New bus gets top marks
The Ebusco 3.0’s lightweight design improves energy efficiency.

With its new Ebusco 3.0, the Dutch bus manufacturer has focused on lightweight design. This is because more and more vehicles are being converted to electric drive. In designing the bus, an interdisciplinary team representing the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries decided to employ composite materials in order to save weight on the main body. According to the manufacturer, they have created a lightweight bus resulting in lower overall operating costs. As well as consuming less energy, the Ebusco 3.0 is equipped with single tyres, has insulated panels for optimum air-conditioning, and an extended life cycle of up to 25 years.

Hall 27

Contact: Stan Peeters

Fast charging for electric buses

Fast charging for electric buses
Ekoenergetyka modules charging BVG buses in Berlin.

For almost 15 years Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A. from Poland has been manufacturing fast-charging infrastructure for buses, cars and HGVs. It is represented in 22 European countries and offers monitoring and repairs as well as a 24/7 service. Its ultra-modern software offers seamless management and monitoring of charging points, which allows users to solve most problems remotely. That adds a level of efficiency, convenience and security to both public transport and vehicle charging. Currently, there are more than 10,000 Ekoenergetyka charging stations operating for customers in over 150 cities around Europe. They include RATP in Paris, which recently had more than 1,100 charging points installed, as well as VHH in Hamburg, TMB in Barcelona and BVG in Berlin.

Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.
PL – Zielona Góra
Hall 27, Booth 409

Contact: Marina Vitovtova
Phone: +48 500 603 119

Leasing instead of buying

Leasing instead of buying
With the eMIS leasing model an electromobility venture is risk-free.

Buying an electric bus and the corresponding infrastructure is very costly, and without funding is a big obstacle for many companies. The eMIS leasing model relieves transport companies of the financial risk involved in the changeover to electric buses. The company procures vehicles, charging infrastructure, transformer and electronic systems, builds depots, supplies its own green electricity – and leases the entire package to transport companies. The leasing cost also includes maintenance and insurance. That way, operators need not provide equity themselves or from other sources. The costs are manageable and calculated according to mileage. This is made possible by smart energy management and scalability.

D – Hamburg
Hall 27, Booth 653

Contact: Philipp Schulz
Phone: +49 160 90 34 69 51

Fuelling the drive system of the future

Fuelling the drive system of the future
The high-capacity hydrogen refuelling station aims to supply buses in the future.

Coinciding with BUS2BUS, H2 MOBILTY is announcing an important project aimed at driving net zero in public transport. In mid-March in Düsseldorf the groundbreaking ceremony took place for building a high-capacity hydrogen refuelling station (350 and 700 bar). Its size and design make it particularly suited to buses. With a daily capacity of two tonnes, the hydrogen refuelling station is ten times as efficient as conventional systems and capable of supplying around 100 fuel-cell buses. The project is the result of a close collaboration between H2 MOBILTY, the Rheinbahn transport company and Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. The green hydrogen required will be produced on adjacent premises by an electrolyser plant run by Stadtwerke Düsseldorf, starting in 2026.

D – Berlin
Hall 27, Booth 620a

Contact: Daniela Dietz

Keeping pathogens at bay

Keeping pathogens at bay
Health Pro-Tec coating spray reliably disinfects surfaces for a year.

Surfaces with which people regularly come into contact are a source of smear infections. With its Health Pro-Tec coating spray, Health Pro-Tec has developed a long-term disinfectant that is already being widely used on public transport buses and coaches. Uses for this product include the driver’s controls, grab rails and straps, armrests and onboard toilets. The efficacy of the product is due entirely to physical mechanisms. It disinfects surfaces for at least 365 days, resulting in significantly less disinfectant being required than with conventional products. Customers can put greater trust in the bus company’s hygiene concept, resulting in a positive corporate image. The product can also be used in offices and passenger terminals.

Health Pro-Tec GmbH
D – Frankfurt am Main
Hall 27, Booth 309

Contact: Robin Scholl
Phone: +49 (0) 157 58189994

One-stop electrical engineering solutions

One-stop electrical engineering solutions
As well as vehicles, the JBM Group also markets the entire charging eco-system for electric buses.

It takes more than the right vehicles to switch over to electric bus transport. The JBM Group is marketing an integrated EV eco-system with in-house solutions comprising electric vehicles, battery technology, a fast-charging infrastructure and high-performance electronics. Based on tested scenarios, the service can be adapted for the topography of individual regions. Thus the company recently put a complete end-to-end eco-system into service in Leh in the Himalayas at 3,300 metres above sea level. It comprises solar charging for electric vehicles as well as energy storage systems and a charging infrastructure as well as electric vehicles. Since the JBM Group first introduced its electric buses in India in 2018, passenger comfort, safety and innovation on their electric buses and affordability have been continuously improved. Only recently, the company opened a new production plant for electric buses on the sub-continent.

IND – Haryana
Hall 27, Booth 411a

Contact: Daniel Frade

Small and nimble

Small and nimble
Jebsen & Jessen e-Mobility is exhibiting the Sigma 7 by Mellor at BUS2BUS.

Jebsen & Jessen, a provider of electromobility solutions, is demonstrating a new vehicle at BUS2BUS 2024. The Sigma 7 is the smallest bus in the pure electric Sigma range by the UK manufacturer Mellor. The 2.10-metre wide vehicle is surprisingly roomy and accommodates up to 33 passengers. It has a range of 250 kilometres. High-quality components such as the stainless steel monocoque design and LFP batteries from CATL ensure the Sigma 7’s durability. Jebsen & Jessen customers can purchase it as of now. As a provider of sales, project management and customer services for electric city buses, HGVs and charging infrastructure, the company markets individually tailored solutions.

Jebsen & Jessen e-Mobility
D – Hamburg
Hall 27

Contact: Martin Dorsch
Phone: +49 160 84 15 616

High level of safety and efficient fuel consumption

High level of safety and efficient fuel consumption
MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH is displaying new buses at BUS2BUS.

The new models from MAN and NEOPLAN have a wealth of innovations in store. The award-winning smart driver’s cabin features optimised controls and a significantly enlarged 12-inch colour dashboard display. The processors of the new electronics platform based on the tried and tested modular system from the MAN truck series can be expected to offer even better performance. State-of-the-art driver-assistance systems such as a radar-assisted turning assistant and a collision warning system identifying pedestrians improve the safety of driver and passengers. Additionally, there are more efficient engines such as the new D26 engine for coaches, which offers higher performance while consuming 1 to 2.5 per cent less fuel and can run on eco-friendly fuels such as HVO and biodiesel. These innovations can be inspected on the outdoor display area at BUS2BUS.

MAN Truck & Bus Deutschland GmbH
D – München
Hall 27, Booth 500, outdoor display area A-003

Contact: Amelie Mangler
Phone: +49 162 2729383

Flexibility and convenience

Flexibility and convenience
MCV Deutschland GmbH is displaying two different layouts for its MCV C127 EV.

MCV Deutschland GmbH is marketing two different passenger layouts for the two-door variant of its MCV C127 EV. One of the 12-metre long vehicles is equipped with 39 seats by Ster for city transport, a folding seat and an additional space for special requirements. The second design has 37 seats by Kiel for long-distance transport and a large additional space for special requirements next to the second door. This solution ensures flexibility and convenience. The large windows and smoothly arched roof ensure passengers can enjoy an open light-filled atmosphere. Sophisticated and pleasant indirect LED lighting welcomes the passengers, along with comfortable seats, easy-to-reach grab rails and illuminated USB charging points. The company also offers numerous partitioning and floor variants, as well as flexible seating layouts and various electric door configurations.

MCV Deutschland GmbH
D – Bestwig
Hall 27, Booth 318

Contact: Jochen Grau
Phone: +49 151 204 89538

Fully charged at the depot

Fully charged at the depot
: Mer plans and realises charging solutions for electric buses.

Mer has the right charging solution for electric utility vehicles and buses of all sizes, and assists with planning, setting up, operating and maintenance. This ensures constant availability of vehicles. Mer collaborates with Statkraft from Norway, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. Long years of business charging expertise mean that Mer is able to guarantee its customers sound economics and planning certainty with regard to costs. A check is made of the space requirements on the premises and a corresponding concept drawn up. High-quality electric charging points are installed and integrated with existing software if required. Following a final inspection the system is put into operation.

Mer Germany GmbH
D – München
Hall 27, Booth 302

Contact: Josip Falcan
Phone: +49 151 17779526

Safe maintenance in an aerial work environment

Safe maintenance in an aerial work environment
The roof work platform by MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik ensures operational efficiency.

Günzburg Steigtechnik ensures operational efficiency with its innovative roof work platforms for manufacturing and maintaining buses. Products range from a fully automatic mobile version to those made to individual customer specifications which can be adjusted to within a millimetre for height, or stationary structures for working at fixed heights. Thus, systems ensuring economic and safe maintenance are available at low cost. They also provide a safe environment for working on electric and hybrid buses. The cordless version of these electrically adjustable work platforms is especially useful when there is no power supply nearby. A high-performance rechargeable battery system guarantees safety and monitors the workspace with a laser scanner, camera system, and acoustic and visual warning signals.

MUNK Günzburger Steigtechnik
Hall 27

Contact: Annika Knaier
Phone: +498221 3616 246

Clean high-performance diesel

Clean high-performance diesel
Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ (HVO100) is an eco-friendly fuel for diesel buses.

In Germany, Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ (HVO100) is marketed by selected distributors such as TOOL-FUEL Services GmbH. Using this fuel it is possible to slightly reduce CO2 emissions in the bus sector. The idea is to simply fill up and go. Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ is produced from 100 per cent renewable raw materials. It means that compared with fossil-fuel diesel, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 90 per cent when using this fuel. The fuel is compatible with all diesel engines and the existing distribution infrastructure, from the refinery and filling station to the end customer.

Neste Germany GmbH
D – Düsseldorf
Hall 27, Booth 300

Contact: Carina Beuning
Phone: +49 40 228 5959 85

Mobile refuelling of hydrogen vehicles

Mobile refuelling of hydrogen vehicles
DRHYVE by PRF Gas Solutions for mobile hydrogen refuelling.

With DRHYVE, PRF Gas Solutions is presenting a solution for mobile hydrogen refuelling. With features such as H35 and H70 dispensing, T40 cooling, and 500 and 1000 bar compression and storage, DRHYVE ensures seamless operation in any environment. Hydrogen can be supplied via a tube-carrying trailer or electrolyser. No civil works are required for the plug-and-play solution. DRHYVE can be set up to operate fully automatically on an area the size of a 40 ft. container. The solution has already been tested under extreme conditions and was used to refuel hydrogen vehicles at the Dakar Rally in January 2024.

PRT – Azoia
Hall 27

Contact: Manuel Fonseca
Phone: +351 914 336 131

Stop at the touch of a button

Stop at the touch of a button
The P555 stop request panel can be tailored to customer specifications.

PRIMA Industries, which specialises in stop request technology, is exhibiting several new products at BUS2BUS, including its P555 stop request panel. This is available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colours and with various symbols. The panel is available for 12V and 24V systems, can be ordered in any language and tailored entirely to customer specifications. P105L and P167L push buttons complement the panel. The standard version is illuminated, but can also be supplied fully barrier-free. In this case, as well as being illuminated the push button makes a humming noise and vibrates when pressed. It lets visually impaired people know the bus will pull in at the next stop.

Prima Industries
ITA – Correggio
Hall 27, Booth 304

Contact: Annamaria Bertani
Phone: +39 3453720425

Bookings at a glance

Bookings at a glance
The Meine Reisen app provides travel information at a glance.

RATIOsoftware has been marketing innovative software solutions for the coach tour and tourism industry for 35 years. The TouPac Touristik/Incoming program and Meine Reisen app feature many ways of optimising services for guests. They provide customers with digital updates including notification of payment, information on hotels, or a text message indicating the arrival of a bus. Another innovation is the address management system, which can store the stops a passenger uses on their daily or weekly tours, which avoids the need to repeat information requests. Once entered, customer information such as allergies or physical disabilities can always be accessed and provides important information for hotels and tour guides. Not having to re-enter this sensitive information also has its benefits for customers.

RATIOsoftware GmbH & Co.KG
D – Ehingen
Hall 27, Booth 250

Contact: Manuela Geiger
Phone: +49 173 59 55 014

Energy from the sun

Energy from the sun
The Sono Motors Solar Bus Kit provides additional energy for buses.

Diesel and electric buses can be retroffitted with the Sono Motors Solar Bus Kit to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Electricity is generated by high-capacity solar modules. The 8-channel solar power electronics were specifically designed for vehicle applications. They react to constantly changing weather conditions and minimise power losses from shading for example. Weighing only 50 kilos and with an output of 1.4 kWp, the kit supplies 2,000 kWh of solar energy per year, depending on the application and region. The electricity generated directly supplies 24V ancillary consumers such as air-conditioning system and infotainment screens, or is fed into the 24V vehicle battery. Thus the Solar Bus Kit contributes to transitioning to new forms of transport and reduces the total cost of ownership of bus fleets. The product can be purchased directly from Sono Motors as a DIY kit, or purchased with an installation service offered by the manufacturer and its partner network.

Sono Motors
D – München
Hall 27, Booth 301

Contact: Georg Zurmühl
Phone: +49 176 180 50 177

Barrier-free public transport

Barrier-free public transport
The INTROS assistance system helps visually impaired people navigate public transport.

Together with Trapeze-Elgeba, SYSTEMTECHNIK has designed the Independent Traveling and Orientation System (INTROS), which helps visually impaired and blind people navigate public transport. Using a real-time app users request the driver to stop and can indicate if they need more time to board or leave the vehicle. The vehicle has acoustic warning signals to assist the process. INTROS was designed in close cooperation with the Swiss Association for the Blind. The new solution is part of the comprehensive fare management and ticketing hardware and software portfolio marketed by SYSTEMTECHNIK. The company has over 200 customers all over Germany. At BUS2BUS, SYSTEMTECHNIK is exhibiting on a combined stand with Trapeze FX, an affiliate of Modaxo.

D – Sömmerda
Hall 27

Contact: Marcel Hallas
Phone: 49 36 34 37 02-0

Ticket purchases by card

Ticket purchases by card
The BusMATRIK system lets customers pay by card.

With its BusMATRIK system, TeleMatrik has designed an innovative onboard computer system for public transport buses based on tablet technology. In addition to a real-time driver-assistance system, it includes a fare collection system certified by eTicket Deutschland. The system inspects every type of ticket, be it a job ticket, monthly or annual pass or the ’Deutschlandticket’. Payments can be made directly using an NFC-compatible EC/credit card, smartphone or smartwatch. Entering a PIN is not necessary, so the debiting process is efficient and customers can quickly obtain their tickets. Using the check-in/check-out system, an intelligent fare capping algorithm always finds the best fare price.

TeleMatrik PTS GmbH
AT – Lauterach
Hall 27, Booth 203

Contact: Linus Gebhard
Phone: +43 676 843237201

Electric Sprinter minibus

Electric Sprinter minibus
The City 75 ELECTRIC by Tremonia Mobility has room for up to 30 people.

Tremonia Mobility is displaying an innovation on its first appearance at BUS2BUS. The City 75 ELECTRIC is an electric version of the tried and tested Sprinter City 75. The 8.5-metre low-floor minibus is fitted with a powerful 160 kW electric motor. Three NMC batteries with a total capacity of 126 kWh are mounted on the underside of the vehicle. Despite its compact dimensions, the City 75 ELECTRIC has room for around 30 passengers. Tremonia Mobility is displaying its smaller City 45 ELECTRIC minibus, which is already in production, on the outdoor display area next to hub27. The technical specifications are similar to those of the City 75 ELECTRIC, and it has room for up to 22 passengers. The new products reinforce the company’s vision of low-emissions, efficient and comprehensive public transport.

Tremonia Mobility
D – Dortmund
Hall 27, Booth 106/107

Contact: Irina Pinskaya
Phone: +49 231 9999 4151

Space-saving electric bus depot

Space-saving electric bus depot
The TruckTower provides parking and loading areas for buses and HGVs.

Where to park the bus? With its TruckTower, the eponymous startup has created a vertical instead of a horizontal solution. Its multi-storey parking for HGVs and buses is built on existing parking spaces. This avoids sealing extra surfaces and still creates urgently needed parking and loading areas. That way, ultra space-saving parking can be combined with high safety levels. Early warning temperature sensors detect a fire, and within minutes vehicles are moved to a special emergency compartment. Electric charging points can be installed in every parking bay, with smart energy management ensuring vehicles are always available. The TruckTower’s elevator systems can also install a workshop for bus maintenance. If required, the bus exterior can be washed fully automatically in an integrated washing bay. Afterwards, cleaning staff prepare the bus in the parking area for its next trip.

TruckTower GmbH
D – Bruchsal
Hall 27, Booth 309

Contact: Dr. Felix Hackbarth
Phone: +49 7251 9760 620

Well cooled

Well cooled
The E-Cooler ensures bus batteries always operate at the right temperature.

Among the exhibits Valeo is displaying at BUS2BUS is the E-Cooler battery cooling system. With a maximum output of 10 kW it has many temperature control functions. Depending on requirements, the E-Cooler can prevent battery overheating during charging or discharging. Batteries can be cooled when in service at high ambient temperatures and under heavy load. An extra heating feature warms up sensitive batteries to optimum service temperature if required. Other Valeo innovations include the Thermo HV high-voltage heating system for electric buses, operated by a built-in control unit which variably adjusts the heating output. Valeo is also exhibiting its SPump S120 and S200 water pumps which are suited to cooling or heating circuits for vehicle interiors or components such batteries.

Valeo Thermal Commercial Vehicles Germany GmbH
D – Gilching
Hall 27, Booth 521

Contact: Fabienne Ehmann
Phone: +49 81057721828, +49 1726896008

Let everyone travel

Let everyone travel
vJourney offers virtual bus tours with VR goggles.

At BUS2BUS the startup vJourney is presenting its 360° tourism concept. For those who for health reasons can no longer board a bus, the company markets VR goggles offering an immersive and interactive travel experience. As well as viewing destinations users can actually delve into the experience of journeying by bus. Among the company founders’ aims are health benefits and therapeutic effects, for those suffering from dementia for example. vJourney rents out the VR goggles for flexible periods and initially aims to partner with nursing homes and care facilities. Other potential markets are school classes and private customers. The travel experiences are put together as mini-series and include acted scenes.

D – Wasbek
Hall 27, Booth 309

Contact: Finn Peters

Smart driving with AI

Smart driving with AI
AI from WideSense for smart electric bus fleet management.

Electrifying a vehicle fleet not only means acquiring new vehicles and an appropriate charging infrastructure. It also means a new fleet management system. The US-based startup WideSense supports fleet operators with an advanced AI solution. It designs dynamic, efficient and sustainable strategies based on vehicle fleet data. As well as providing conventional analyses, WideSense’s AI understands the finer details of public transport and provides forecasts based on actual situations for constant optimisation of vehicle deployment. It can set up charging schedules and optimise work procedures for example. Consequently, the software lays the foundation for a smart, clean and cost-efficient future.

USA – Berkeley
Hall 27, Booth 309

Contact: Heikki Laine
Phone: +1 201 803 9369

Looking towards the future

Looking towards the future
Bus Connect by ZF makes bus fleets more efficient.

At BUS2BUS the ZF Group is presenting key technologies for bus manufacturers and vehicle fleets aiming to drive decarbonisation and making passenger transport safer and more efficient. Among the exhibits is an electric CeTrax 2 dual drive system and an automatic EcoLife CoachLine transmission designed for fuel efficiency. With Bus Connect, the company is also marketing a digital vehicle fleet solution. It is also looking towards the future. ZF is offering its know-how in hardware and software development and applications in order to provide solutions for tomorrow’s automated and driverless vehicles. For operators, tailored solutions will enable a faster and easier transition to safe and driverless vehicles. ZF is taking part in a discussion round on driverless buses at the BUS2BUS Future Forum.

ZF Group
D – Friedrichshafen
Hall 27, Booth 307

Contact: Frank Discher