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Driven by the future

BUS2BUS is a business platform and trend barometer for the German and European bus, coach and supplier industry with a clear focus on future technologies and sustainable solutions. BUS2BUS presents the entire range of products and services for the bus industry through a combination of trade show, stage program, workshops, networking events and digital services – which in turn boosts momentum in the mobility market.

BUS2BUS at a glance

  • Success factor 1: Trade Show- exhibitor presentations indoors and outdoors, test drives and startup area
  • Success factor 2: Program - Future Forum (including keynotes, discussion rounds, bdo-panels, startup pitches, exhibitor lectures) as well as award ceremonies and the Future Night
  • Success factor 3: Digital - Roadshow, Newsroom, Podcast, BUS2BUS plus Online Platform and other digital offerings

Fresh Travel: How do we envision (bus) travel tomorrow?

Fresh Travel

The desire for individualization and personal expression has increased dramatically in today's age of digitalisation. This trend influences all aspects of life – including mobility. Added to this is a desire for eco-sustainable transport systems, something that already has an impact on modern urban planning.

Vehicle design and equipment levels play a key role for BUS2BUS. This is a field in which much has changed over recent years. Coaches have long served as design and styling objects. They are also highly customisable in terms of size and features. Innovative materials and production techniques open the door to new options and offer scope for new design approaches.

The aim for BUS2BUS is to spark the discussion on how design and aesthetics can contribute to making buses more attractive and more perceptible in public life.

As a trade show for bus industry innovations, BUS2BUS consolidates this approach in the BUS2BUS Fresh Travel segment.

Apply for the BUS2BUS Fresh Travel Award until February 29, 2024! Simply follow this link to get to the application form.

In this context, the following questions arise:

  • What contribution can buses – of all sizes – make to meet modern demand?
  • What level of customization can manufacturers and suppliers offer?
  • Design and public transport are mutually exclusive. What new design options/spaces arise with new drive systems?
  • What demands do city dwellers have on public transport buses? What are the needs in rural areas?
  • What can bus tour operators offer to reach new target groups? What makes modern travel special?
  • Visions of the future: What will express buses (interior and exterior) look like in long-distance transport services when express routes are extended on motorways?
  • What tangible added value can technologies and digital applications offer?

The following key factors will be discussed in concrete terms at the Future Forum and presented at the trade show:

  • Design & Aesthetics
  • Material types and options, technologies
  • Future equipment options
  • Smart travel
  • Innovative food concepts for travel coaches/long-distance buses
  • Digital booking platforms, travel apps – customizable digital travel guides
  • Smart safety and assistance systems

BUS2BUS connects The Target groups.

Exhibitors from the following sectors:

  • Bus Manufacturing
  • Fresh Travel
  • Components & Accessories
  • Equipment & Design
  • IT & Digital Services
  • Maintenance & Services
  • Infrastructure
  • Safety Technologies
  • Media & Associations

Meet visitors from the following sectors:

  • Public Transport
  • Long-Distance Transport
  • Mobility Providers
  • Tour Operators
  • Bus Design
  • Urban Planning
  • Charter Companies
  • Service Providers
  • Fleet Management
  • Politics & Media