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Fourth Stop:
Iberian Peninsula

Save the date: June 15, 2023

Advancing Sustainable Bus Mobility on the Iberian Peninsula

In this Digital Roadshow stop, we will delve into the dynamic world of sustainable bus transportation and explore innovative solutions for a greener future. From alternative drives such as electric and hydrogen to the infrastructure supporting them, we will uncover the transformative power of sustainable mobility.

Our online event will bring together experts, industry leaders, and enthusiasts passionate about revolutionizing the way we travel by bus. We will shine a spotlight on the advancements made in alternative drives and discuss their potential to reshape the bus industry on the Iberian Peninsula and Europe. Through insightful information and engaging discussions, we will gain a deeper understanding of these technologies' benefits, challenges, and their role in reducing carbon emissions.

Furthermore, this livestream event will explore the crucial role of mobility startups and partnerships in driving sustainable bus mobility. We will take a closer look at successful collaborations that are making a tangible difference in passenger transport and discuss how harnessing the power of innovation and collaboration can accelerate the transition to sustainable bus transportation and create a more eco-friendly and efficient system.

Bus design and the integration of new sustainable materials will also be at the forefront of our discussions. We will explore how thoughtful design choices and the use of eco-friendly materials can enhance the comfort, safety, and environmental performance of buses. From lightweight construction materials to energy-efficient technologies, we will explore the latest trends and breakthroughs in sustainable bus design.

Join us for this immersive online experience, where you can engage with industry experts, learn about cutting-edge technologies, and discover the latest advancements in sustainable bus mobility on the Iberian Peninsula.

Start of the event: June 15, 2023 at 11:30 a.m. CEST (10:30 a.m. WEST)

Language of the event: English


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Willow Beck-Jewett

Project Organizer BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH

Silvia de Juanes

International Representative of Messe Berlin in Spain, Brifer Services

Filipe de Oliveira Fernandes

Sales Manager, Omniflow


Anna Lisa Löcke

International Representative of Messe Berlin in Portugal, German-Portuguese Chamber of Industry and Commerce / AHK Portugal


Diogo Ferreira Nunes

Journalist | Web Content Specialist | Podcast Host

Jaime Rodríguez Medal

Director, CONFEBUS


Tiago Sá

Sales Director, CaetanoBus


Anna Lisa Löcke works for the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (AHK Portugal) since 2013 and is in charge as the international representative for Messe Berlin in Portugal since 2016. Since 2023 she ist responsaible for the coordination of the represented trade fair within AHK Portugal.

She made her apprenticeship as an industrial business manager at DUAL, the training centre of the German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and integrated to the team after this.

The German-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce exists in Portugal for over 65 years to represent the economic and commercial interests of both countries. With headquarters in Lisbon and a branch office in Porto the AHK Portugal is the biggest bilateral Chamber of Commerce in Portugal with over 1.000 members.

Tiago Sá is Sales Director of CaetanoBus, a company that is part of Toyota Caetano Portugal and Mitsui & Co., is a bus and chassis manufacturer in Portugal. The company has a consolidated offer in vehicles for cities and airports which is a result of its technical capacity in developing unique, customer-oriented mobility solutions. CaetanoBus has been investing in the development and manufacture of Zero Emission buses, being already one of the main European players in the segment of hydrogen urban mobility and already contributing to the decarbonization of many European cities.

The direction of sustainable mobility is a challenge assumed by the group, and innovation and the development of new technologies are essential to achieve this goal.

Filipe Fernandes is the Sales Manager at Omniflow for the Portuguese and LATAM markets. With more than 15 years of experience in the public sector sales, where he developed an expertise in the Smart Cities and IT areas.

Omniflow Sustainable smart infrastructure, powered by wind and solar, providing >90% savings on energy consumption, while hosting many applications for the smart cities, like: 5G, Computer Vision, Air Quality Monitoring, Audio Alert systems as well as other software services.

Its core business focuses on developing and providing sustainable and smart infrastructures for smart cities services, namely in the Mobility, Environment and Safety areas.

Graduate in Law (University of Oviedo), LLM in EU Law (Free University of Brussels) and Master in Transport and Logistics Management (University of Oviedo), Jaime Rodríguez Medal is currently director of CONFEBUS and secretary-general of CONFEBUS-Madrid. He is also a member of advisory bodies such as the National Land Transport Council, president of the interurban transport section and vice president of the urban section of the National Road Transport Committee, president of the Madrid Road Transport Committee and member of the Board of Directors of the Regional Consortium of Transportes de Madrid, as well as CONFEBUS representative in the International Road Transport Union (IRU) and expert participant in other European Commission Working Groups such as Posting of Drivers.

CONFEBUS is the Spanish Confederation of Transport by Bus - the business trade organization representing private bus and coach transport companies in Spain of all activities and of all sizes. With more than 30 federated territorial and sectoral organizations and more than 2,000 associated companies, it is the most representative organization in the sector -both at an institutional and business level, representing more than 70% of the bus and coach transport sector in Spain.