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Roadshow in Berlin – The future has arrived

The BUS2BUS Roadshow has made its eighth and final stop in Berlin. At the grand finale en route to BUS2BUS 2024, which takes place on 24 and 25 April, the show’s director Kerstin Kube-Erkens, futurist Dr. Stefan Carsten, and Christiane Leonard, chief executive director of the Federal Association of German Bus Operators (bdo) highlight the importance of BUS2BUS for politics and business, the advantages of the new venue, and individual elements of the wide-ranging supporting programme. Dr.Thomas Huber of DB Regio Bus describes the exhibitors’ perspective: “For users this is not about a product, but about their mobility – and that has to function“, says Huber, who is head of Innovative Transport Concepts at DB Regio Bus. “It is wrong to approach planning, execution and reservations individually. We must treat them as a global package for our customers and create a single value chain.“

BUS2BUS stands precisely for this kind of dialogue between the industry’s various players. “This is the first time the concept combining an expo and supporting programme is reflected in the venue, with the entire event taking place on 10,000 square metres in hub27, the best-equipped hall on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds“, says Kerstin Kube-Erkens. “The concept of BUS2BUS is something special. It is unique in Europe and probably worldwide“, says Christiane Leonard, who is also the organiser of the bdo Politics Talk. She unveils the political highlights at the show and talks about their importance against the backdrop of the latest developments in the mobility sector in conjunction with political framework conditions. “The invitations to our panels were immediately accepted by representatives of federal and state government and members of industry. It shows that our concept is sound”, she said.

“We have been talking about digitalisation, sustainable mobility and self-driving vehicles for 15 years, and I feel the future has finally arrived“, says Stefan Carsten, who as curator of the Future Forum is responsible for organising keynote speeches and panels on post fossil-fuel sustainable mobility and self-driving buses in cities and rural areas. Among the topics are ’How to finance modern public transport?’, ‘What can other countries learn from Paris?’ and ’How can the bus industry position itself in the face of greenwashing?’ Full details of the Future Forum programme can be found here. If you listen closely you can find out the code for obtaining a 50 per cent discount on an unlimited pass to BUS2BUS 2024. You can watch the BUS2BUS Digital Roadshow in Berlin in full here.


Kerstin Kube-Erkens, director of BUS2BUS

Christiane Leonard, chief executive director of the Federal Association of German Bus Operators (bdo)

Dr. Stefan Carsten, futurist and curator of the BUS2BUS Future Forum

Dr. Thomas Huber, head of Innovative Transport Concepts, DB Regio Bus


Linda van Rennings

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