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BUS2Talk: Special Edition: Where is (bus) mobility headed?

Guest: Dr Stefan Carsten

When the BUS2BUS flags fly again next year in Berlin they will symbolically point the way to the future. As a holistic business platform, the top industry trade show points the way to what innovative bus mobility will look like in years to come. The BUS2BUS Future Forum covers tomorrow's topics of macro and micromobility in lively discussed in keynotes, roundtables, workshops and start-up pitches. Exhibiting companies and trade visitors come together with industry experts to talk about new trends, concepts and practice-based requirements.

Futurologist Dr. Stefan Carsten, an expert on mobility and spaces, will be at BUS2BUS 2022 to provide informative content. But before this, we ask him about his affinity for mobility and how his professional career developed from a student job to an expert for future scenarios. We ask him to tell us where the (bus) mobility is headed? His answer starts with a question: "How will societies develop? And what does that mean for mobility? How can we create a better future with less traffic and include more opportunities to gain a more comprehensive understanding of mobility?

Let this latest episode of BUS2Talk take you to the next level of bus innovation.

A note for all non German-speaking listeners: this episode is only available in German.

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