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Guest: Benedikt Lahme, Regional Director, DACH Region, Optibus

Together with Kerstin Kube-Erkens and Totinia Hörner, Benedikt Lahme explains how important public transport is for meeting climate targets. He emphasises the steps required in particular for developing flexibility and individuality in order to get more people to use public transport, and how the software platform Optibus, currently in use in 2,000 cities around the world, can help transport companies with smarter and more efficient planning as well as optimising their bus services.

Lahme tells the story of the two mathematics students from Tel Aviv who founded Optibus and reveals the enthusiasm and deep responsibility he feels in working for the mobility sector. He makes an interesting comparison with the way rail transport evolved. He also talks about companies’ scepticism towards software-as-a-service solutions and addresses the following questions: How can planning software positively influence the work-life balance and make the job of driving buses more attractive, in particular with the bus driver shortage in mind? What challenges await the planning process following the transition from diesel to electric transport, and to what degree can AI sensibly support planning software?

A note for all non German-speaking listeners: this episode is only available in German.

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