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BUS2Talk: E-system solutions for the mobility challenges of tomorrow

Guest: Rüdiger Kappel, Head of Sales, Public Transport Germany, Daimler Buses/EvoBus GmbH

Today, for example, an electric bus is part of the depot management and charging systems – which poses new challenges for transport companies. This is precisely where EvoBus supports the market entry of transit companies from the moment new vehicles are put into service. In this episode, Rüdiger Kappel, Head of Sales, Public Transport Germany describes the comprehensive Daimler Buses e-system.

The EvoBus pilot projects currently underway in Duisburg and Wiesbaden clearly show how the availability of vehicle and charging infrastructure will be secured by the company for the next 12 years. This is a major responsibility and also a way of supporting Germany as a business location with new eCitaro plants. The offer comprises four clusters and includes construction and architectural services.

Join us for the latest episode of BUS2Talk as we explore the complexities of mobility and the growing need for holistic solutions.

A note for all non German-speaking listeners: this episode is only available in German.

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