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Roadshow Nordic Countries - Pioneers in the Implementation of new Mobility Infrastructures

The Nordic edition of the BUS2BUS Digital Roadshow focused on the current effects of the pandemic on the public transport sector and bus tourism as well as the evolution towards sustainable passenger transport in the Nordic countries. Most of these countries are pioneers in the implementation of new mobility infrastructures. After a phase of pilot projects, this part of Europe is one of the best examples of cities almost fully operating with electric public transport. In addition to the development in urban centers, the Nordic countries are placing a strong emphasis on biofuels as a solution for long-distance transport.

We shed light on both the bus manufacturer and operator perspectives and included all relevant alternative drives. As the Nordic countries have a high affinity for and acceptance of new technologies, the roadshow stop also highlighted the aspect of new services, optimization potential and customer convenience through startups and new technology providers.

Tereza Kjos, Project Manager Trade Fairs, German-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce
Katrin Kraus-Wikholm, Senior Project Manager, German-Swedish Chamber of Commerce
Mikko Nummi, Messe Berlin representative in Finland, Messuille oy, Messuille oy
Helga Zettl, Customer Consultant, Strauss & Partnere
Willow Beck-Jewett, Project Manager BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH

Ulo Maasing, Editor-in-Chief, Bussmagasinet

Frida Christensson, Business Development, Smart Public Transport
Anna Grönlund, Deputy Managing Director, The Swedish Bus & Coach Federation/ Sveriges Bussföretag
Jarkko Jaakkola, Markets Manager - Nordics and Baltics, MaaS Global Ltd/ Whim
Pedram Nadim, Project Manager Energy Systems, Ruter AS
Harri Santamala, CEO, Sensible 4

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