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Roadshow in the Netherlands: New Ideas for Bus Tourism and Long-Distance Travel

How can bus companies make up the shortfall in high-quality, up-to-date services in areas outside big cities? How can one improve transport between cities and rural areas in order to make living and working outside the cities borders more attractive? What must the relevant mobility concepts look like? How can manufacturers and startups help to create modern and eco-friendly services tailored to various audiences’ needs?

Gianna Corbelli, International Representative of Messe Berlin, DNHK Netherlands
Willow Beck-Jewett, Project Manager BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH
Kerstin Kube-Erkens, Senior Product Manager BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH

Carlo Cahn, Secretary-General, Dutch Coach Transport Association (KNV)

Dr Stefan Carsten, Futurist, mobility researcher and urban geographer
Janis Ufheil, Student, Transportation Interior Design, Reutlingen University/ Umeå Institute of Design
Pieter Waller, Founder & CCO, Chargetrip

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