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Roadshow in the DACH Region - Synergies for Tomorrow’s Bus Industry

Experts representing bus companies, bus manufacturers and infrastructure networks met at the international Digital Roadshow of BUS2BUS in the German-speaking DACH Region. The various views sparked a lively discussion which focused on productive collaboration and synergies regarding alternative drives and the necessary infrastructure.

“We need greater transparency. The traditional roles of the manufacturer and salesperson are merging into a partnership“, said Rudi Kuchta, Managing Director and Spokesman of the Executive Board, MAN Truck & Bus Sales Austria. Patrick Nussbaumer, CEO of EUROBUS, wanted to partner with a bus manufacturer in order to set up a project combining regular bus routes and coach travel services. “There are currently not enough manufacturers in Europe and no charging infrastructure exists as yet“, he said, on the subject of battery-electric coaches.

The Roadshow panellists agreed that what was needed were systems for making public charging point reservations as well as modern motorway services capable of turning what at present were still seen as tedious breaks into a pleasant experience. In that context, Bernhard Hintermayer presented the highway services of the future, a service station currently being built and due to open in 2024 on the westbound A1 autobahn near Roggendorf.

The third Roadshow stop also features lots of fascinating facts and interesting details about coach travel, charging options, battery development and a discussion on hydrogen power.

You can watch the entire BUS2BUS Digital DACH Roadshow (1 hr 12 mins) here.

Rudi Kuchta, Managing Director & Spokesman of the Executive Board, MAN Truck & Bus Sales Austria
Patrick Nussbaumer, CEO, EUROBUS
Bernhard Hintermayer, Corporate Management, ASFiNAG

Rüdiger Schreiber, Editor-in-Chief/CEO/Founder, OMNIBUS.NEWS &

BUS2BUS Team and International Representatives of Messe Berlin:
Willow Beck-Jewett, Project Manager, BUS2BUS Messe Berlin GmbH
Ewa Ming, Ming Agentur
Melanie Arnold, Ming Agentur
Stefan Lindner, Austrian German Chamber of Commerce