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Roadshow in Portugal: How do we want to travel by bus tomorrow?

Our panel of international experts answered the question – How do we want to travel by bus tomorrow? – and discussed how to improve the image and awareness of this sustainable means of passenger transport. They explored how innovative and interior design as well as the use of new materials and technologies can help to change the image of the bus and make it more attractive and widely perceived by the public. Another topic was how bus tourism can attract new target groups through innovative and customized offers…. or to put it in BUS2BUS language: how can the industry offer Fresh Travel.

Anna Lisa Löcke, International Representative of Messe Berlin, AHK Portugal
Willow Beck-Jewett, Project Manager BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH

Kerstin Kube-Erkens, Senior Product Manager BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH

Luca Bortolani, Business Development Manager, Twiliner AG
Sofia Ferreira, Journalist, Green Future AutoMagazine
José Rui Marcelino, CEO & Design Manager, Almadesign
Paulo Lourenço Marques, CTO, CaetanoBus
Mark Pfeiffer, Director Markets, Lantal Textiles AG

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