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Roadshow in Italy: The Energy Transition in the Italian Bus Industry

Zackes Brustik opened the second BUS2BUS Digital Roadshow in 2023 by relating a personal experience: “Not long ago, I was riding my bicycle directly behind an electric bus and what struck me was the difference it made for a cyclist when there were no diesel fumes in my face.“ The moderator went on to direct the high-profile panellists to the first topic: battery-electric and fuel cell buses. Among other things, the five experts discussed their various differences, possible uses and vehicle ranges, which were summarised aptly by Riccardo Schiavo: “This is not about competing with existing transport, but more about complementing it“, said the Chief Editor of Sustainable Bus.

The second set of topics focused on infrastructure, availability and the level of progress that battery-electric and fuel cell buses have made in Italy and the issue of how to harmonise national plans, European directives and international supply chains. Italy currently has two hydrogen filling stations, while in the future Europe plans to install a filling station at least every 200 km, said Stefano Caprio of COO, PUNCH Hydrocells.

All the panellists agreed that drive systems alone would not solve the problem of getting people to use bus transport. “We know that bus transport is already one of the most sustainable ways to travel. That is not what we are talking about. What is more important is for buses to be on time, to arrive quickly at a destination and to have a pleasant trip“, said Francesco Romagnoli of the National Association of Road Transport (ANAV). Larger windows, fewer steps, vehicle access with contact-free tickets and on-demand services would help to make bus transport more attractive. All the experts saw collaboration between established, experienced companies and flexible startups as an opportunity to tread new paths and work sustainably based on the principles of a circular economy. Antonello Conte saw being observant and listening to others as being especially important. “The needs of operators as well as users are a clear indicator of what the market has and what it lacks“, said the design expert and project manager of GFG PROGETTI. A video of the Roadshow gives viewers an idea of how attractive the panellists find bus transport and the companies they enjoy collaborating with.

Riccardo Schiavo, Managing Editor, Sustainable Bus
Luca Cordiviola, CTO and Quality Director, Industria Italiana Autobus
Francesco Romagnoli, Head of Environment, Energy and Technical Affairs, ANAV (Associazione Nazionale Autotrasporto Viaggiatori)
Antonello Conte, Head of Project Management, GFG PROGETTI
Stefano Caprio, COO, PUNCH Hydrocells

Zackes Brustik

BUS2BUS Team and International Representatives of Messe Berlin:
Willow Beck-Jewett, Project Manager, BUS2BUS Messe Berlin GmbH
Gaia Cogliandro, International Representative of Messe Berlin in Italy, P&G EXHIBITIONS MARKETING MEDIA
PierGoffredo Ronchi, International Representative of Messe Berlin in Italy, P&G EXHIBITIONS MARKETING MEDIA

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