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Roadshow in France: Transformation to Sustainable Passenger Transport in the Paris Region

By 2024 there will be no more diesel-powered vehicles allowed to drive in Paris. Furthermore by 2030 gasoline-powered vehicles will be added to the list. All this is followed by the goal to stop production of fossil fuel vehicles in general from 2040 on.

  • Is Paris on track to start in 2024? How will this chance the city?
  • How can bus operators bridge the gap for climate friendly, high-quality, contemporary services outside the big cities?
  • How can one improve transport between cities and rural areas in order to make living and working outside the cities borders more attractive?
  • What must the relevant mobility concepts look like?
  • How can manufacturers and startups help to create modern and eco-friendly services tailored to various audiences’ needs?

Our mobility experts discussed these questions as well as the current status on the road to alternative drives and which opportunities this provides in regard to design, aesthetics, new services and user experiences.

This roadshow stop provided insights from the manufacturers' perspective and discussed how operators feel prepared for the transition.

Pascale Canova Menke, Founder and Manager of Promo Intex, International Representative of Messe Berlin in France
Léa Maroc, Sales manager at Promo Intex, International Representative of Messe Berlin in France
Willow Beck-Jewett, Project Manager BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH
Kerstin Kube-Erkens, Senior Product Manager BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH

Don Dahlmann, Journalist, Speaker & Consultant - Future of Mobility

Ross Douglas, Founder & CEO, AUTONOMY
Sandrine Garnier, Chief Editor, Mobily-Cités
Pierre Maillot, Vice President of Business Development, Heex Technologies
Cyprien Moreau, Head of Sales, Hubup

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