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Going Beyond Zero Tail-Pipe Emissions. Delivering a truly sustainable, economical bus

Guest: Peter Freedman, Switch Mobility

This year Switch Mobility, a UK manufacturer and a new brand in the bus sector, took part in BUS2BUS for the first time. So it gives us all the more pleasure to be able to talk to Chief Marketing and Sustainability Officer Peter Freedman, the expert on achieving Switch Mobility’s sustainability goals, and previously employed with a brand associated with James Bond.

Switch Mobility has a clear corporate vision, a net zero mission – from the ground up and climate-neutral – and is officially certified by Climate Partner as a climate-neutral company. One standout aspect is that their monocoque-designed buses are strong, ultra-lightweight and built with a high proportion of plant-based composites, making them among the lightest vehicles on the market.

Listen in to find out how Switch Mobility’s mission is being directly implemented at every stage, from the supply chain to bus production, in order to leave a sustainable and credible “footprint”.

A message for all German-speaking listeners: The conversation between Peter Freedman and Totinia Hörner is our first episode in English.

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