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BUS2Talk: Sustainable transit system turnaround - Is it achievable?

Guest: Birgit Münster-Rendel

Public transit companies are facing major challenges in restructuring today's mobility system to create a sustainable range of services that meets customer needs. One of the main issues here is financing the service costs.

Implementing future customer-focused mobility concepts in public transport in the required quality and density can only be realized with public subsidies and an overarching financing concept. The VDV (Association of German Transport Companies) has commissioned the Roland Berger/Intraplan/Florenus consortium to prepare an expert report on the financing of service costs for public mobility.

In the podcast episode, we learn from Ms. Münster-Rendel, Managing Director of the Magdeburger Verkehrsbetriebe GmbH & Co. KG (MVB), that "Things have to be worked out across all levels to determine which subsidies work best when and where, along with what is the best tool to use." Interestingly, we learn that there may be new, young job opportunities in the future as traffic increases.

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A note for all non German-speaking listeners: this episode is only available in German.

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