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BUS2Talk: Optimizing Electric Bus Fleets and Charging Infrastructure

Guests: Dr. Bálint Csonka, CEO of the Startup Bolley and Dr. Csaba Csiszár, Systems Engineer at Bolley

The electrification of buses in particular opens great potential for improving air quality in cities. By comparison, 1,000 diesel buses emit as much pollution as 40,000 cars. Startup Bolley offers a system that optimizes e-bus fleets and their charging infrastructure. "The special aspect of our model is that it can be applied to any type of bus and any charging system," explains Dr. Csiszár, systems engineer at Bolley. To optimize the network, engineers consider many other factors, such as route, altitudes, temperatures and traffic density. Learn in this podcast episode how the model calculates existing capacity very close to real-world demand.

In the next step, Bolley wants to automate the process with software. To do this, the startup is looking for pilot projects in cities as well as in bigger areas. "The more real data we have, the better the system will be," enthuses Dr. Csonka, CEO of Bolley. Listen in!

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