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Communication Kit

We look forward to utilizing BUS2BUS together with you to make the bus accessible to even more people as an effective and comfortable means of transportation that is also environmentally friendly. We would like to use all means of communication before and during the event to raise awareness and interest in BUS2BUS to as many people as possible, and to provide the bus industry with new and innovative ideas on site in Berlin.

To do this, we need the support of our strong partners as well as our networks' synergy. In order to make your efforts as easy and uncomplicated as possible, we have created a communication kit that provides you with all the important information and ready-made text templates you need to easily produce content.

You can find the communication kit here.

Check out the communication kit:

Click here to download the BUS2BUS communication kit!

Personalise your BUS2BUS Post!

This is your guide to sharing images at BUS2BUS and assistant for social media posts.

Make use of our free image sharing templates for exhibitors, speakers and trade visitors, and personalise photos with the BUS2BUS look to let people know on LinkedIn and other social media channels that you will be at the show.

Microsoft Powerpoint is all you need.

5 easy steps to creating your post

1. Select a portrait photo of a person representing your company at BUS2BUS. Please ensure it conforms to a portrait format of 2:3 (width x height). Most portrait images fit this format.

2. Open the corresponding template below.

3. Click on the left-hand side of the image to insert your photo.

4. Click on the text fields to enter details: name, company, position, hall and stand numbers, or the date and time of a lecture and its title.

5. Click File > Save as > png.

Finished – now you are ready to share your personalised BUS2BUS image on LinkedIn and other social media channels. Make use of our hashtags #BUS2BUS and #BUS2BUS2024 and mark BUS2BUS in your articles.