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April 08, 2021

Sustainable mobility cannot be taken for granted – Only a few more days until the BUS2BUS Special Edition, the event for eco-friendly mobility, begins – Register now free of charge

The countdown has begun and in just one week the BUS2BUS Special Edition will open. The aim of the event is to set the tone for a sustainable restart of the bus industry. For despite passenger declines on public transport due to the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring a changeover from individual to eco-friendly transport is now more important than ever. In order to reach the EU’s climate targets the mobility sector must offer sustainable and user-friendly transport solutions without delay. At the free BUS2BUS Special Edition on 15 April players from the bus industry and mobility sector will present solutions that are smart, efficient and sustainable. Register now for the event here

Federal Minister of Transport Scheuer: BUS2BUS is the ideal venue for actors promoting progressive transport

"Climate protection is the key issue of the future where transport is concerned. Investing in climate protection means investing in growth, jobs and future markets. They will ensure that we can compete on the international stage. Already, buses stand for especially sustainable public and private passenger services in urban and rural areas. Smart, digitally interconnected platforms will make them even more attractive in the future. BUS2BUS is the ideal venue for new and established actors in this field in order to exchange innovative ideas and debate the opportunities of climate and eco-friendly mobility“, said Federal Minister of Transport Scheuer, who will hold an exclusive welcome speech that will set the tone at the BUS2BUS Special Edition.

A pioneering spirit at the BUS2Inspire keynotes

Dr. Carsten Steffen and Tristan Horx, two leading futurists, will look at how we make use of transport services and how they are changing. They will outline the prospects for tomorrow’s mobility sector and the importance of buses for comprehensive, sustainable transport exclusively at the BUS2BUS Special Edition.

International busplaner Sustainability Award recognises climate-friendly transport solutions

The significant rise in entries for the IBNP Award shows how important eco-friendly mobility has become. The award recognises sustainable concepts and products and will be presented at the BUS2BUS Special Edition.

“HUSS-VERLAG and its busplaner magazine are highlighting the pressing issues in the bus industry. Sustainable transport is playing an important part in the successful transition to new forms of mobility and long-term protection of the environment and resources. That is why our publishing company created the award, in order to recognise those who are resolutely following this path“, said Rainer Langhammer, managing director of HUSS-VERLAG.

BUS2Explore – setting the tone for a sustainable restart

Kicking off the event at 1.30 p.m., a discussion will take place with leading manufacturers including MAN, Heinz Kiess, Britta Oehlrich, (Hamburger Hochbahn), Carry Buchholz, (from the Ludwigsburg-based bus company LVL Jäger), the systems supplier Valeo, Frank Färber and Christian Schmidt. This workshop will debate the standards and innovations likely to remain after the coronavirus crisis. The discussion will focus on buses as a safe form of transport and on strengthening customer acceptance of public transport and long-distance bus and coach travel. Passengers and turnover have declined significantly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The automotive and utility vehicle supplier Valeo has developed a highly effective ultraviolet C technology for efficiently eliminating (more than 95 per cent) of viruses, including the coronavirus, as well as bacteria and mould in vehicle interiors. At the BUS2BUS Special Edition’s BUS2Explore workshop entitled ‘Tech-Boost: Technological acceleration and new standards?’ Valeo will hold a Q&A.

Retrofitting for the future – an easy process?

At 2.30 p.m., at the second Tech Boost session entitled ‚No standstill in the mobility transition‘, Gerd Schneider (Volvo), Andreas Hager (e.troFit), Dr. Martin Limbrunner (Proton) and Andreas Haller (Quantron) will discuss the pressing issues raised by the transition to climate-friendly transport.

“The e-troFit team is very happy to be at the BUS2BUS Special Edition on 15 April 2021. The changeover to emissions-free transport is one of the most pressing issues of our times. In order to meet a challenge that impacts society as a whole we need innovative, practical and affordable solutions that can be implemented soon. As a pioneer and trendsetter in the retrofitting industry we are confident that retrofitting utility vehicles is an important part of our future mobility strategy – we look forward to lively discussions and informative meetings at the event“, said Andreas Hager, managing director of e-troFit GmbH.

“Climate change is currently one of the biggest global challenges. Burning fossil fuels is heating up the planet, and that makes it imperative to switch energy sources. The engineers at our clean tech company Proton Motor in Puchheim near Munich have recognised the urgency of developing alternative, emissions-free propulsions systems. Since 1994, we as experts have been fulfilling our pioneering role in developing technology and implementing fuel cell innovations with widely tested and award-winning quality products“, said Manfred Limbrunner, director of Marketing and Sales at Proton GmbH.

Making sustainable travel more attractive for customers

The final sessions will examine mobility alternatives in the tourism sector. The focus will be on the prospects for tailoring more travel products and the role that sustainable travel will play for mobility in the future.

At the Fresh Travel session, together with forward-looking travel companies, Marvin Ruf (Digital Service InnoLab von EvoBus) and Dr. Christoph Berdenich (EBA Bus Alliance GmbH) will be among those discussing how customer needs can be made the focus of innovative efforts in the bus tourism industry.

“Nowadays the focus must be on users. That means bus operators as well as passengers. Digital services must be tailored precisely to their needs. Together with our partners we will be showing what a relevant solution may look like at the BUS2BUS 2021 Special Edition“, said Marvin Ruf, Digital Service architect at Daimler Mobility Solutions.

The synergies emerging between vehicle manufacturers and travel companies are an important step in the transition to alternative transport in the tourism industry. The team at Twiliner believes that travel should not impact on the climate and is aiming to make passenger transport future-proof. Together with its partners, Twiliner is developing a low-emissions, comfortable night coach that will operate out of Switzerland and serve European cities and business hubs. Its main feature is an innovative seat that can be transformed into a comfortable bed without compromising safety. With it, the Swiss startup ensures that passengers can enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep and wake up refreshed at their destination. “Travel urgently needs to become more sustainable and coaches can play an important part in that“, said Luca Bortolani, the company’s founder.