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March 30, 2021

BUS2Explore – Fascinating insights into the future of the bus industry

• Experts exchange views on the spirit driving pioneering technology and Fresh Travel

• Technological progress and customer needs as key factors for society’s acceptance of sustainable transport solutions

Buses are playing a key role in the transition to sustainable mobility. That is the conclusion reached by a recent independent study entitled ’The decade of the bus’ conducted by Pricewaterwaterhouse Coopers (pwc) in collaboration with Intraplan Consult and commissioned by the VDV. Investing 1.8 billion euros could result in a shift in the order of ten billion passenger kilometres from individual to public transport. That way, bus transport will actively contribute to the ambitious climate goals set for 2030.

BUS2Explore – a thinktank for discussing sustainable mobility

The BUS2Explore format features three constructive expert discussions that will offer fascinating insights into the future of the bus industry and its innovativeness.

The first Tech Boost workshop will take a look at the immediate future and the impact the coronavirus pandemic will have on technological and digital trends. Under the heading Technological acceleration and new standards? Britta Oehlrich, Hamburger Hochbahn, Carry Buchholz, LVH Jäger, F. Färber and Ch. Schmidt, Valeo and a representative of MANtruck & Bus will discuss new materials for vehicle interiors, achieving effective ventilation with powerful air-conditioning systems, improving driver safety, as well as digitalisation.

“Every day our aim is to put the customer first. We have to understand customers, their transport needs and their way of thinking in order to rethink future mobility. And we must offer a service to match. The customer dictates that. This is what we are working on – understanding the customer and creating services“, said Britta Oehlrich, area manager for Change and Innovation at Hamburger Hochbahn AG.

Under the heading 'No standstill in the mobility transition', the second Tech Boost will focus on the pressing issues raised by the transition to climate-friendly transport. At this workshop Gerd Schneider, Volvo, Andreas Hager, e.troFit, Dr. Martin Limbrunner, Proton and Andreas Haller, Quantron, will discuss sustainable drive systems and the fundamental issue of necessary infrastructures.

The workshop entitled 'Fresh Travel: Are customer needs driving innovation in bus tourism?' will look at new ways for coach tour companies to target customers and develop products. What lies behind the concept of user-centred design, and how can digitalisation help target specific audiences? Marvin Ruf, Digital Service InnoLab, EvoBus and Wolfgang Konrad, EBA (BUS Alliance Company) will be among those debating these questions with innovative tour operators.

“Nowadays the focus must be on users. That means bus operators as well as passengers. Digital services must be tailored precisely to their needs. Together with our partners we will be showing what a relevant solution may look like at the BUS2BUS 2021 Special Edition“, said Marvin Ruf, business developer at Daimler Buses.

“With the three BUS2Explore workshops we are not only taking up urgent issues related to the future of the bus industry and the challenges that lie ahead. For us, it is important to bring the industry together and enable this in-depth exchange of views“, said Kerstin Kube-Erkens, senior product manager for BUS2BUS, Messe Berlin GmbH.