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The carbon emissions of a flight from Berlin to Bangkok are the same as for a trip around the globe twice by train and three times by bus. That clearly makes coach travel the most eco-friendly form of long-distance transport.

Quote of the Day
“What we need is an initiative highlighting excellence for public transport. I am absolutely convinced that bus transport combines many advantages. It is easily scalable, provides access even in the remotest areas and enables long-distance travel too. Achieving zero-emissions bus fleets is an important contribution to protecting the climate and helps to improve the quality of life in cities.“

Dr. Meike Niedbal, State Secretary for Mobility at the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Urban Mobility, Consumer Protection and Climate Action

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Prof. Dr. Bernd Eisenstein, Director, German Institute for Tourism Research (Fachhochschule Westküste)

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What prospects do you see for coach tours in Germany?
Various market surveys show that, in terms of volume, one in five to one in four of the population in Germany are keen on coach travel, regardless of the destination. However, that interest varies in different parts of the population.

How can operators attract new types of customers?
In my opinion, in many cases there are still insufficient efforts being made to target individual market segments using contemporary methods, even though they are not only scientifically proven but can also be practically applied in an easy manner. There is often still a need to professionally fine-tune the selection, in order to find the right customers for the company in question. An obvious solution would be to switch from identifying types of customers as such to looking at them together with tour themes and to combine that with examining source market potential and media data.

Which destinations could particularly benefit from a thriving bus industry?
As a tourism destination, basic success factors for being able to benefit from the bus industry include attractiveness as a destination, accessibility and bus-related infrastructure and services. For some time now the industry has focused more on offering services that emphasise the travel experience as the reason for choosing coach travel rather than using it merely to get to one’s destination. I consider that a worthwhile pursuit.


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A city tour as a VR experience

What was it like living in the divided city of Berlin? How did a baroque-era duke celebrate? These are just some of the things one can experience by taking part in a virtual city tour offered by Timeride. Five German cities can already be explored in this particular way with specially adapted themes. Wearing VR goggles, users can delve straight into their historical adventure.

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A bus or coach for the right occasion

Whether for public transport or long distances, VDL Bus & Coach can supply the right choice from its bus and coach range. With the new models from the Citea range the company, which unites several western European manufacturers under one umbrella, is expanding its range of zero-emissions vehicles. A comprehensive after-sales service includes vehicle maintenance and guarantees rapid spare parts shipments.

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Ben Gallmeister, strategic partnerships at Vesputi

Digital distribution channels for public transport

The BUS2BUS 2022 Start-up Award goes to Vesputi. With Mobilitybox, the Leipzig-based company has developed a backend for public transport. It allows transport companies to strengthen their sales and reach new customer groups. Vesputo integrates sales partners such as airports, long-distance bus providers or hotels, takes care of ticket creation, payment and clearing. Mobilitybox can also be used to implement your own projects quickly and cost-effectively.

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Comfortable driving experience

Bernd Liniger's idea for cooolseat comes from practical experience. The founder from Calau works as a bus driver and has developed a seat construction made of stainless steel. It is installed on the seat in just a few simple steps and helps prevent excessive sweating during work. To make the offer complete, he also offers a non-slip pad for the backrest that allows air circulation and keeps drivers' backs free of sweat.


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After a three-year break, BUS2BUS opened its doors again as an in-person event on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. Berlin’s State Secretary for Mobility Dr. Meike Niedbal and Jana Schimke, chairwoman of the Tourism Commission of the German Bundestag, spoke at the opening of the event. Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Volker Wissing (FDP) opened the bdo congress.

You can find the latest videos and impressions from the trade fair as well as interviews on our YouTube channel.


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