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Information about the current Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 situation

Dear BUS2BUS Exhibitors, Business Owners and Partners,

We wish you all strength and good health in these turbulent times. Both the mobility industry and events sector have been severely affected by the latest developments. The crisis shows how important it is to have an adaptable and innovative public transport system, and how much society depends on it. It also highlights how supply shortages can impact rural areas. Sustainable, modular mobility and innovative forms of transport are now more important than ever. The effects of the coronavirus crisis will continue to strain the mobility sector for some time but will also open up new opportunities. These are all topics we would like to discuss with you in April 2022.

There can now no longer be any doubt as to how important digital tools are. BUS2BUS as an innovation platform has addressed these topics to the bus industry right from the beginning.. Following on from there, via our social media channels, newsletter, podcast and blog, we aim to keep you updated on the latest developments and how the bus industry is handling the crisis.

We are optimistic about the future and already looking forward to a time when the coronavirus lies behind us and we can at last hold face-to-face meetings with you again.

Please find the FAQ for exhibitors regarding the effects of COVID-19 here.

Stay safe and healthy, the BUS2BUS Team.


The safety and health of our exhibitors, partners and visitors have the utmost priority for us. Therefore, in coordination with the relevant public health authorities Messe Berlin has developed a comprehensive safety and hygiene concept. The concept is based on the following principles: hygiene, physical distancing and contact tracing. Measures include separate entrances and exits, wide aisles and limited seating in front of stages in order to ensure physical distancing of 1.5 metres. In addition to bathrooms, door handles and hand rails being regularly cleaned/disinfected to prevent smear infection, wearing a face mask at events is also advised. Furthermore, subject to data protection laws, the contact data will be collected of those persons entering and leaving the exhibition grounds. This data will be made available upon request to the relevant public health authority in order to trace the contacts of COVID-19 infected persons.

Every event is assessed individually according to this safety and hygiene concept and measures are coordinated correspondingly. Due to the unpredictability of developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic, these measures are subject to constant review and amended as required.

If you have any queries please contact us.

For further details, you may consult the full versions of the Safety and Hygiene Concept.