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Germany‘s leading industry organization, with nearly 3,000 bus transport companies, will stage once again its established congress in conjunction with BUS2BUS 2022 in Berlin.

Under the heading "Mobility & Environment", the bdo Congress will discuss funding opportunities for the bus sector and the question of why the bus still has an image problem in the eyes of the public, despite the high environmental friendliness and safety values confirmed by TÜV, the Federal Statistical Office and the Environment Agency. Under "Competition & Change", the focus is on the tension between public transport and individual needs, the contribution of private bus companies to the transport revolution, and fair competition as the key to strong public transport.

Mobility & Environment

The topic "Mobility and the Environment" was introduced with a welcoming speech by Federal Minister of Transport Dr. Volker Wissing (FDP).

In Germany, more than five billion passengers use buses as a means of transport every year. Local public transport, tourism and long-distance routes are a harmonious combination that shows that the future belongs to the bus. It is safe and environmentally friendly. Figures from the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV) and the Federal Statistical Office show that buses are the safest mode of transport. In addition, the German Environment Authority has repeatedly singled out the bus as an environmentally friendly means of transport. The bus is THE means of transport of today and tomorrow. The bus is an important means of passenger transportation. In rural areas, it plays a key role in the public service. That is why its importance must finally be recognized. Focusing solely on rail is a dead end in terms of climate policy.

What issues were being discussed?

  • Good exhaust values, bad image? The bus needs a transformation in the public perception.
  • Bus and environment: a perfect combination that has so far been underestimated
  • Funding opportunities for the bus industry

Competition & Change

The bus is the only way to transform the transport system. Around 42,000 buses, more than 50,000 drivers and over 4,000 companies - that is what the private bus industry in Germany stands for. Locally established as an important employer, especially in rural areas, private bus companies provide around a quarter of the transport services in local public transport. So there are many good reasons to support bus transport and the many small and medium-sized companies, most of which are family-run - for the transport transition and a strong SME economy. The private bus companies are ready to make their contribution to the success of the transport transition. The commitment to the priority of self-sufficiency is the important cornerstone here. Buses are the backbone of public transport. No other means of transport enables more people to be mobile and thus participate in society.

What topics were discussed?

  • The middle class in the bus industry in the changing mobility sector
  • Fair competition as the key to strong public transport
  • The bus middle class in the area of conflict between classic public transport and on-demand