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April 28, 2017

Successful debut for the Congress and Exhibition BUS2BUS

• Over 1,300 visitors from 21 countries

• 73 exhibitors from 13 countries

• Positive response to the combination of bdo Congress, Future Forum and Market Place

• Next BUS2BUS from 26 to 28 March 2019

Berlin, 28 April 2017 – ‘Next Stop – the Future’ was the call for over 1,300 trade visitors from 21 countries on 25 and 26 April 2017 when the congress and exhibition BUS2BUS made its debut. The Future Forum and bdo Congress provided many opportunities for obtaining answers and ideas about the future direction for bus companies. The focus was on topics such as alternative drivetrains, self-driving concepts and innovative services. Leading brand names from the industry were prominently represented at the Market Place. Products, services and solutions were displayed by a total of 73 exhibitors from 13 countries. There were also some creative and stimulating exchanges of views between industry experts and start-ups.

“Despite the fact that Germany is the leading European market, until now there has been no independent business platform for the bus sector and its suppliers. The first BUS2BUS has shown that the subject and the concept of this event have encountered a genuine demand on this market, on both the supply and the demand sides”, said Dr. Christian Göke, CEO of Messe Berlin.

The CEO of the German Association of Bus and Coach Operators (bdo), Christiane Leonard, was also extremely satisfied: “BUS2BUS has demonstrated that, as a means of transport, buses have come of age. They have outgrown their teenage years and have become a fully fledged member of the mobility chain, with a substantial capability for further improvement. I am delighted with the complete success of this event on its debut. But it would not be a debut if there were to be no continuation, and consequently BUS2BUS will be taking place again in Berlin in two years time. And that is something that I am already looking forward to.

The results of the survey of exhibitors and visitors confirm the levels of satisfaction experienced by exhibitors and trade visitors alike. A very good to good overall impression was obtained by 94 per cent of the exhibitors at BUS2BUS. The combination of bdo Congress, Future Forum and Market Place met with a good to very good response from 93 per cent of those polled.

Trade visitors were particularly interested in the product segments devoted to Buses, Digital Services, Components and Accessories, Maintenance, Services and Infrastructure and Comfort and Design. It was evident that the trade visitors at BUS2BUS included a very high proportion of senior decision-makers.

BUS2BUS 2019 will take place from 26 to 28 March 2019.

Statements about BUS2BUS 2017:

Alexander Dobrindt, Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

“BUS2BUS is a a truly exciting trade show. This outstanding idea has been created by the bdo, working together with Messe Berlin. Developments leading to automated, autonomous driving, to the interconnectedness of all vehicles, and to alternative drivetrains have all acquired a remarkable momentum at the present time. For that reason we are very pleased that BUS2BUS enables Germany to demonstrate that we intend to play a leading role in the progress that is being made, and to ensure that these innovations can be seen on our roads as soon as possible. All in all, this event has been highly successful.”

Frank Koschatzky, Sales Director Buses, Scania Deutschland GmbH

“Until now there has been no suitable format for presenting the bus industry in Germany. From the very start I have enthusiastically welcomed this combination of Market Place, Future Forum and bdo Congress, and I will continue to keenly support it in the future.”

Roland Leibinger, Senior Manager Commercial Vehicle Technology, ZF Friedrichshafen:

“BUS2BUS has been extremely interesting for us. It was a good opportunity for meeting with transport associations and, above all, for learning about the latest technology in the mobility sector. With the papers that were presented and the vehicles on display this event got off to a very good start.”

Jaime Jaime Delgado, President of CANAPAT, Mexican Chamber of Travel and Tourism:

“Because rail transport is very limited in Mexico, buses have an important part to play for our country, both in terms of local and also long distances services. We came to Berlin specifically for BUS2BUS, in order to find out about the latest developments in Germany and in Europe. The displays devoted to self-driving vehicles were particularly impressive, and it would seem that this is no longer a futuristic vision.”

Hartmut Schick, Head of the Division Daimler Buses and CEO of EvoBus GmbH

“It is fascinating for us to be able to see all the new developments on display at this event. The dialogue with politicians and customers is of enormous importance, especially when we consider that the future will be self-driving, electric and, of course, much safer.”

Karsten Micke, Head of International Sales, Hotsplots:

“From the moment that the door opened we had one good discussion after another. That was the case yesterday and again today. We were able to establish many interesting contacts. I am certain that we will be here again in two years time.”

Jaqueline Schneider, Authorised Representative, Deltaplan:

“BUS2BUS enabled us to meet with our specific clientele, establish many interesting contacts, and prepare the ground for business transactions. It is a very good platform for getting to know one another, and we also liked the open stand concept.”

Sascha Lobo, blogger, author, journalist and copywriter: “In the mobility sector too platforms have such a powerful and intensive part to play that they will play a defining role in this market in the future. Developments in mobility will be definitely be driven by the need for comfort. The customer of today wants everything to be a bit easier, faster and more comfortable. The ability to offer mobility products that make it a bit easier for people to get from A to B means that one has identified the main driving force for this market.”

Anne Söhnel, Sales Assistant, busnetworx GmbH:

“We held many interesting discussions at BUS2BUS, with potential customers, networkers and partners. We were able to establish many valuable contacts and will be returning in 2019!”

Stefan Liske, Managing Partner PCH INNOVATIONS, Studio for Innovative Design and Development:

“A change of perspective in the mobility sector can only take place if the major companies get involved as quickly as possible. Moreover we need entirely new kinds of expertise in the mobility sector. For that reason we have to be engaging people who can develop these new kinds of expertise. We must participate in partnerships and also consider new training possibilities.“

Prof. Dr. Andreas Knie, CEO, Innovationszentrum für Mobilität und gesellschaftlichen Wandel (InnoZ) GmbH:

“Transport is facing a digital revolution. Bus companies have to realise that, in future, the decision about the means of transport that I use will depend on digital availability. The question is then: is what I am using also available as an app. And by implication this also means that if something no longer appears on my smartphone, it will no longer be used.“

André Schwämmlein, founder, FlixBus GmbH

“For us it is particularly important to be able to engage in discussions with our partners at BUS2BUS. This means that we have the opportunity to meet not only with the bus companies that we work with, but also with manufacturers and technology partners. For us as providers of long distance bus travel BUS2BUS is a fantastic opportunity to stay in touch with the industry. Here at the trade show we want to be highly visible to our customers or potential customers!”

Andreas Heuke, Product Manager Alternative Drives, Volvo:

“We are certain that local public transport will have an increasingly important role to play in improving the quality of life in urban areas. We want to use BUS2BUS in order to meet with the representatives of private sector bus companies and with political decision-makers. Without political decision-makers electro-mobility would not be feasible.”

Mark Hoffman, co-founder and CEO, Vertical Media GmbH:

“Thematically the many digital aspects of the subject matter of the first Future Forum at BUS2BUS augmented the bdo Congress in its role as a meeting place for the industry. In addition the Start-up Area featured14 hardware and software start-ups from the mobility sector. Companies such as gestigon and jetlite, previous not directly associated with the bus and coach sector, were able to present their innovations to an interested audience, and to show how they can apply to buses too.”

Boris Höltermann, CEO, VDL Bus & Coach Deutschland GmbH

”For us the emphasis is on networking, because we are convinced that the entire private sector bus industry is represented by the bdo. At the same time we have also been able to meet with some representatives of municipal public transport.”

Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Office, ESA - European Space Agency

“At first glance the link between space and buses might seem very tenuous. But navigation, for example, is one technology that relies on satellites. The same applies for communication. Internet availability nowadays on a train or bus only functions through the links between telecommunications and space technology. Space technology provides the digitisation infrastructure, and this is also integral to the bus industry.”

Raphaël Gindrat, CEO and co-founder, BestMile

“The main objective of autonomous driving concepts is to augment existing driving concepts. There are cities and regions where buses can be used with drivers, but self-driving buses can also be deployed in those areas where no public transport can be provided.”

Rudi Kuchta, Senior Vice President, MAN Bus & Truck

“We are delighted to have met with customers of a very high standard. In addition to large trade shows with a European-wide scope, it is a fact that we have been able to focus specifically in Germany here. Our aim was to present innovations, as well as to obtain feedback on current trends and on what the future holds. We were able to meet our objectives.”

Christian Labrot, President, International Road Transport Union (IRU)

“IRU symbolises mobility, for people and for goods. We want to create good mobility solutions on a worldwide scale and in this respect we regard BUS2BUS as the perfect platform for discussions with key players in the bus transport sector. In addition, the Future Forum enables one to think outside the box.”

Norbert Fiebig, President, German Travel Association (DRV e.V.)

“BUS2BUS is vitally important for the dialogue between politicians and bus companies. BUS2BUS helps to obtain views from this sector, to pool ideas and present them for political discussion.”

Photos from BUS2BUS can be found in print-ready quality on our website and may be downloaded. Videos are also available there.