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March 08, 2017

BUS2BUS 2017 boasts even more leading bus manufacturers: EvoBus, Sileo and MAN

• Congress and exhibition to take place for the first time on 25 and 26 April in Berlin

Berlin, 9 March 2017 – Following the announcement that Linkker Oy, Otokar, Scania, VDL and Volvo will be participating, three further leading bus manufacturers, namely EvoBus, Sileo and MAN, will be exhibiting at BUS2BUS, which will take place for the first time on 25 and 26 April 2017 in Berlin.

With the presentation of the Future BUS of EvoBus GmbH, a subsidiary of Daimler AGA, a technological milestone awaits visitors to the event. On its debut at the exhibition the CityPilot system featured in the Future Bus, which has been designed as a driverless vehicle for tomorrow’s urban transport, will demonstrate what the future ‘revolution in mobility’ might look like. The focus of the designers was on zero-emissions powertrains, advancing driver assist technology, semi-automating drive functions, connecting the bus to an infrastructure, for example BRT operating systems, and the vehicle’s electrical and electronics architecture.

Sileo is a pioneering designer of ultra-efficient electric powertrains for public transport. Based in Salzgitter, this company manufactures market-ready electric buses. With its integrated operating concept Sileo ensures that urban transport is eco-friendly, low-noise and emissions-free. Electric buses from Sileo are already operating in Schleswig-Holstein, Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia. A Sileo S12, which can be recharged at the bus depot and has a range of up to 280 kilometres, will be exhibited at BUS2BUS. ”Since we are manufacturing and marketing a hi-tech product, digitisation and the operating environment play an important role where users, vehicle operations and recharging systems are concerned,“ said Sileo’s marketing head Sven Bohnstedt.

The participation of MAN Truck & Bus means that yet another leading international utility vehicle manufacturer will be exhibiting at BUS2BUS. MAN markets buses for public transport, overland and long-distance travel. Rudi Kuchta, head of Sales Bus at MAN Truck & Bus: ”In future MAN will no longer be a hardware manufacturer and instead will market connectivity-based transport solutions. RIO, an open-source, cloud-based operating system, will play an important part in exploiting unused potential for improving efficiency in the market, such as unladen journeys, utilisation of capacity, pre-emptive maintenance and similar factors.“ MAN Truck & Bus will be showing the modular technology platform of an eBus at BUS2BUS, where the number of energy storage modules can be combined depending on demand for range and load. MAN will also be presenting its new team of specialists which advises transport companies and fleet operators on alternative powertrains.

In addition to bus manufacturers, companies representing services, maintenance, infrastructure, components & accessories, digital services, comfort & design and ’fresh travel’ will also be exhibiting at BUS2BUS.