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December 12, 2016

Statements on BUS2BUS by exhibitors, association representatives and politicians

Hermann Meyering, representing a bus company from Lower Saxony and chairman of the gbk:
“As a company representing commercial bus transport we will be able to meet figures from politics and industry at BUS2BUS in Berlin. Berlin is the only place where experts will be gathering from all those areas which have a say in the bus industry’s future. At BUS2BUS decision-makers from politics and business can find out what kind of vehicles we will be travelling in over the next two decades and what basic decisions policymakers must take in order to ensure that SMEs can survive in the age of the digital transformation.”

Martin Horvath, chairman of the Bus Industry Association at the Austrian Chamber of Commerce:
“BUS2BUS is an event with great potential. I am convinced that by combining an exhibition and congress BUS2BUS will establish itself as a joint platform for manufacturers, suppliers, political decision-makers and bus companies in Germany. The federal conference of Austrian bus companies in Wels is based on the same principles – so it is bound to succeed. We look forward to meeting at BUS2BUS in Berlin.”

André Schwämmlein, Founder and Managing Director of FlixBus:
“FlixBus recognized early on that attractive pricing models, design and new services make bus travel especially appealing to younger target groups. Our plan is to gradually expand our comfort and connectivity options. And to do so, we need to share ideas with industry and technology partners. We will be using BUS2BUS as a dialogue forum and we think Berlin is the perfect venue for this.”

Dr. Tom Kirschbaum, Co-founder and COO of ally:
“We welcome the idea of BUS2BUS as a modern and independent business platform for the bus industry, and we believe it offers great opportunities as a future market for digital mobility. As a Berlin-based startup, we provide people in major cities with the digital information they need for their day-to-day urban transit – placing it right at their fingertips in the form of "ally – Your city transport app." Our "allygator shuttle" offers cities and transit operators a new kind of on-demand ride-share service designed to bring together commuters who share similar routes and help them reach their destinations in a fast, efficient and eco-friendly way. As a common thread throughout BUS2BUS, the Future Forum unites industry representatives, companies and customers across all industry segments. It serves as a promising podium for technological innovations and enables digital mobility suppliers to show users the latest trends up close. The Forum brings the future of the bus industry to the present, providing clear insight into what's yet to come. As a dynamic megacity and startup scene, Berlin needs future-focused events like these.”

Thomas Hartmann, Managing director of VOLVO Buses, Germany:
“The bus industry is currently undergoing rapid change. Topics such as ’Sustainable Mobility’, ’Autonomous Mobility Concepts’ and ’Innovative Services’, which are due to be discussed at the Future Forum of BUS2BUS and the bdo congress, are of great interest to us. VOLVO has developed forward-looking electromobility concepts and is looking closely at the possibilities offered by digitalisation. BUS2BUS gives us an excellent opportunity to showcase our innovative products and to meet with bus companies and members of politics and the media.”

Mario König, Salza Tours Bad Langensalza:
“In Bad Langensalza operating electric buses in the urban transport system has taken our company a giant step forwards. However, progress never stands still, which is why I am confident the bdo Congress at BUS2BUS will be an important event. This is where I can find out what buses will be like in 2025. In Berlin established transport companies are now confronting the digital transformation. I want to be there when companies debate with business, science and politics so they can meet the challenges of tomorrow. In that context the bdo Congress is just the right platform and will become even more significant with BUS2BUS.”

Klaus Sedelmeier, WBO-Chairman:
“Trade fairs occupy a fundamentally important role as places where people can network. As a key event at BUS2BUS the bdo congress will make this trade fair even more attractive for the bus companies present. Papers will be prepared on current issues such as climate protection, the economic outlook and sustainable mobility in the bus transport industry and will subsequently be discussed with experts. The results will help all decision-makers to implement the right strategy. As the chairman of a regional association my main responsibility is to ensure that bus transport companies are well equipped to meet the challenges of the future. In order for that to succeed comprehensive information and communication among all participants is needed. That is what BUS2BUS is about, and as a result it should be an event that private bus companies cannot afford to miss.”

Dr. Ing. Sandra Schnarrenberger, member of the board of bdo, chair of LBO and bus company manager in Neu-Ulm:
“A lot will change with digitalisation. For us as a medium-sized company it means we must adapt to this process as soon as possible. However, it also means that policymakers must support this development by creating a legal framework to ensure that SMEs have a future in Germany. Berlin, the seat of federal government, is capable of confronting this challenge unlike any other city. I am looking forward to BUS2BUS.”

Frank Koschatzky, Director of Sales, Buses SCANIA:
“BUS2BUS is important for us not only because of its geographical location. Germany is Europe’s most important market and Berlin is a magnet for politics, culture and the media and an important place for SCANIA to do business. The fact that BUS2BUS wants to look into the future makes us curious. The topics at the Future Forum, namely ’Sustainable Mobility’, ’Autonomous Mobility Concepts’ and ’Innovative Services’, are ones we are closely involved with as bus manufacturers. The prospect of meeting with the various market players to get a timely insight into diverse interests, trends in alternative powertrains and the relevant demands is fascinating.”

Nico Schoenecker, Managing director of Autobus Oberbayern GmbH:
“For Autobus Oberbayern a trade fair focusing entirely on buses is a good idea. Apart from IAA Nutzfahrzeuge in Hanover anyone keen to find out more has until now had to look abroad to other events in Europe. Providing Bus2Bus can gather interesting exhibitors and the congress can impress its visitors with exciting topics Bus2Bus could emerge as a genuine alternative to established bus industry fairs. Berlin is an ideal venue as it has the necessary infrastructure and sufficient capacity for an international audience.”

Jos Sales, Sales-Lentz Group, Luxembourg and IRU presidential executive:
“I am particularly interested in BUS2BUS because it is a completely new and groundbreaking product. It is time for BUS2BUS, a trade fair that will live up to the bus industry’s demands and provide future support, to be launched in Germany, the bus industry’s most important market worldwide. The digital transformation will play an important role here. We see this as an opportunity and are keen to find out how BUS2BUS will respond to the many issues that bus companies will raise.”

Michael Müller, Mayor of Berlin:
“Berlin is eagerly awaiting the premiere of the BUS2BUS industry event in April 2017. Mobility has a high priority in our city. Transportation and traffic engineering in a variety of innovative forms are key issues in many of Berlin's research institutes and important for the city's economy. Mobility plays an essential role for us as a major international city – for local public transit as well as for travel throughout Europe. The bus is becoming more important in this area. Liberalization of the travel bus market is moving the industry forward. Today, Berlin is a major hub in the European travel bus network. We want to continue expanding this position. That's why we're investing EUR 14 million in remodeling the city's central bus station. This will enable us to double the travel capacity from 200,000 to 400,000 arrivals and departures each year. Trade show visitors are invited to experience – outside the exhibition halls – how perfectly long-distance bus transportation operates in the twenty-first century. Berlin and BUS2BUS – a first-class combination!”

Karl Hülsmann, Representing a bus company from Lower Saxony and chairman of the bdo:
“The bdo Congress is a must for bus companies who want to retain a place in the market of the future. As entrepreneurs we need first-hand information, which the congress will deliver with qualified speakers and which BUS2BUS will provide for buses with new media and software and hardware.”

Anja Graf, Authorized representative ANTON GRAF GmbH Reisen & Spedition:
“Buses have represented a popular and innovative form of transport for many years now. It is essential for us to be able to discuss the future services we want to offer our customers with providers and to find out about future possibilities. For one thing is clear: the needs of our customers are changing all the time and at ever shorter intervals. In addition to equipping our buses with the latest vehicle safety systems, electronic media and ensuring passenger accessibility are important topics for us. I am looking forward to BUS2BUS and hope to receive inspiration for travelling in comfort in the future.”