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BUS2BUS Daily 2017

Tuesday, 04/26/2017

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Impressions of BUS2BUS

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The bus industry – a boy’s club?

It’s still rare to find a woman in charge of a bus company. During the Future Forum, Hanna Scherkamp (right), editor of start-up magazine Gründerszene, talked to Carolin Grötzinger (left) from Omnibus- und Containerdienst Grötzinger GmbH about equal opportunities and changing roles in the bus industry. Carolin Grötzinger is currently an assistant to the executive management of her parents’ firm and is due to take over in two years. She knows the challenges from her own experience: employees who won’t listen to a woman boss, family-unfriendly working hours and the need to be constantly contactable deter many women from working in the bus sector. Those that do run bus companies have usually taken over from their parents.
Carolin Grötzinger finds it helpful to take advantage of the dialogue with other female entrepreneurs facilitated by the women’s network of the German Association of Bus Operators (bdo). She emphasises: “Women have always been important in German bus companies, but it’s only in recent years that they’ve taken centre stage and have increasingly begun to take on executive roles.” Carolin Grötzinger makes life easier for her employees with flexible working models – and this has paid off: her family firm employs around 35-40 percent women, above the average.
Despite all the challenges, Carolin Grötzinger appreciates the many-sided nature of her job and sees good opportunities for women. She says: “Once a woman has got her foot in the door she might even have an easier time because, for example, she brings a different style to interactions with customers and creates a new dynamic.”

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What does bus travel have to do with space?

Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer for the European Space Agency (ESA), answered this question during the Future Forum at BUS2BUS. Salzgeber's remit at the ESA is to ‘recycle’ findings from space missions for new technologies on the ground. ‘To travel by bus from A to B, I first need to know: where is A and where is B? Navigation is all about space,’ he explained. For driverless vehicles, in particular, space signals provide important backup, especially in rural areas where the phone signal is unreliable. Map systems are also produced with the help of space. ‘Space is the backbone of all the new mobility technologies, as it were,’ he said.
Every year, the ESA supports 140 new start-ups with its knowledge. ‘This is where we see the greatest innovation,’ said Frank Salzgeber. He therefore recommends that large companies work in partnership with young entrepreneurs, without immediately thinking about a takeover. This is a win-win situation for both parties, because start-ups benefit from the mature structures of large firms and the confidence they enjoy within the industry. In turn, large companies gain fresh ideas and access to new technologies.
According to Frank Salzgeber, there will always be a role for buses, especially for transport in large cities. He believes: ‘Driverless vehicles will not replace, but at best supplement, them’.

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Exhibitor News

Deutsche Bahn: the major corporation with a start-up spirit

Many trade fair visitors may have had trouble believing their eyes as they discovered Deutsche Bahn in the start-up area at BUS2BUS. A billion-euro company and strong competitor of many long-distance coach companies has set up a booth next to little IT companies? What seems like a contradiction isn’t actually one at all, according to Martin Patri, Business Development Manager for Autonomous Driving (Road) at Deutsche Bahn. He says: “our working method reflects that of a start-up, primarily in terms of our approach and speed”. His team is not only composed of Deutsche Bahn employees, but also includes representatives from start-ups that deal with the topic of autonomous driving. To this end, they collaborate with different manufacturers of self-driving buses that are already in use as part of various pilot projects. Their peoplemover will be driving around the trade fair site during BUS2BUS. In Bad Birnbach, Bavaria, we will see a completely self-driving vehicle deployed some time this year. Deutsche Bahn doesn’t see itself as competition for the bus sector. Martin Patri says: “we know the German mobility market very well and have a certain amount of responsibility”. He considers the company’s purpose to be providing services and functioning as an industry partner.

Deutsche Bahn, Hall 21/ 320
Contact: Martin Patri,


Hotsplots & Bosch: read digital newspapers and watch films

On many buses and coaches, mobile internet access is already a reality; on short-haul and long-haul routes, bus and coach operators offer their customers free Wi-Fi, thus keeping up with the digitisation trend. At BUS2BUS, the Berlin-based Wi-Fi provider, Hotsplots is presenting new functions for its Coach MediaRouter, together with Bosch Car Multimedia. Passengers can connect their devices to an extremely high-performance router and use it not only to surf the internet but also to access digital newspapers and magazines and watch TV shows. The users can find out the exact location of the vehicle using telemetry. This means that the bus journey will be anything but boring.
Karsten Micke, Head of International Sales at Hotsplots GmbH, says: “BUS2BUS offers Hotsplots an interesting opportunity to collaborate with Bosch to illustrate the future prospects that our technological cooperation can offer bus and coach manufacturers and operators. Our services enable a simple and affordable method for significantly improving passengers’ travel experience”.

Hotsplots und Bosch, Halle 21/ 332
Contact: Manfred Großert, Peter Link, Rainer Nick, united communications GmbH, Tel.: +49 30 78 90 76 – 0,

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Hankook: New buses, new tyres

Parking close to the kerb, allowing passengers to board and then quickly merging back into flowing traffic; that’s the day-to-day routine of a local transport bus driver. Obviously, the tyres suffer from this. “The side panel in particular is a collision factor”, says Holger Guse, Sales Manager for HGVs at the tyre manufacturing company Hankook. “That’s why we’ve reinforced it in the new models we’re presenting at BUS2BUS”. Autonomous driving is expected to reduce wear, as self-driving vehicles turn more smoothly than a driver can, claims Manfred Zoni, Sales Director for Trucks at Hankook. Nevertheless, the rapid new developments are bringing many challenges that require innovation in the tyre industry. Alternative fuel vehicles also bring a new set of requirements in terms of tyres. For example, electric buses are heavier than conventional diesel vehicles. As such, the load capacity and traction of the tyres must be adjusted accordingly, as must the electrostatic discharge. Many manufacturers, Hankook included, are also working on “cyber tyres”, which are equipped with sensors that convey information to the driver about mileage, air pressure and heat generation.

Hankook, Hall 21, 412
Contact: Anna Magdalena Pasternak, Tel.: +40 151 65641014,

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Busitalia Fast: new bus service for Italy

Italy's national train company, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, is expanding its mobility offer in the form of a new bus company. From the summer, Busitalia Fast will connect 90 cities in 15 Italian regions. The fleet of 60 buses will also operate international services: in Germany, it will serve Frankfurt and Munich, and there are also plans for destinations in France and Spain.
Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane has found an experienced partner for its new long-distance bus business: Calabria-based Simet has been operating long-distance bus services since 1946. It holds a 51 per cent share of Busitalia Fast.
Visitors to BUS2BUS have been impressed with Busitalia Fast's comfortable vehicles in the outdoor area of BUS2BUS. They have air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, USB ports, adjustable backrests and plenty of legroom.
The FS Italiane Group has been in the bus business since 2011. Busitalia-Sita Nord employs 4,000 staff and primarily operates local passenger services in various Italian regions.

Busitalia Fast, Hall 21/416
Contact: Luigi Salvatore Veronesi, tel.: +39 3896408415



Susanne Tschenisch
PR Manager BUS2BUS
T: 030-3038 2295

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