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Future Forum Program

Keynote II: You Need More Space

Future Forum

April 26, 2017

10:20 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Future Forum Hall 21

Theme: Inspiration

The term "technology transfer" has become legendary in space travel. Even today, space travel has become a symbol for the next step. We are on our way to Mars and are already starting to makes plans to extract resources from asteroids.

In order to master these challenges, space travel relies high technology. The goal is the way; therefore one must be open for new things. New trends benefit from innovation and allow them to be implemented and identified.

Today one can find space travel in everyday life; weather reports, calls to North America, television broadcasts and even car navigation. Autonomous driving cannot exist without space travel.

This lecture will vividly and precisely examine relevant technology trends as well as their impact. It will also offer a guideline on how to implement innovations in a company and portray a picture of what the future will be like for our children.

Included: Industry trends und Q&A

Language: German with simultaneous translation in English


Frank Salzgeber, Head of Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Office, ESA - European Space Agency