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February 26, 2020

Focus on ’Fresh Travel’ at BUS2BUS 2021 – The bus travel experience of the future

·   Trade fair supports a new image of bus travel

·   The Fresh Travel focus is on a highly individual and modern bus travel experience

·   New materials and technologies offer room for innovative design

Berlin, 26 February 2020 – Ever since its launch in 2017 BUS2BUS, the trade fair for innovations in the bus industry, has been making the ’Fresh Travel’ segment a key theme. At BUS2BUS 2021 there will be a comprehensive focus on this subject. “We have identified the design of buses and how they are equipped as key to changing the image that society has of buses“, said Kerstin Kube-Erkens. For the Messe Berlin senior product manager it is important to have an in-depth exchange of views on certain questions: How can bus transport contribute to the growing demand for an individual form of expression in society as well as sustainable, eco-friendly travel? What new ideas will result  from new drive technologies? What are people’s expectations of public transport buses anyway, and what might make them leave their modern, comfortable cars at home? At Future Forum discussions, meetings at the fair, and in the BUS2Talk podcast, which is available now on the BUS2BUS website and from other podcast sources, BUS2BUS will be examining new approaches and other questions on this subject. The idea is to be able to exchange views on a vision for the future in all areas of transport: public transport, coach tours and long-distance travel. Fresh Travel takes a look at new construction and design technologies such as intelligent materials, sandwich technologies and innovative glass designs. What kind of on-board digital services do customers want and what kind of travel can coach tour operators offer in order to target new markets. In other words, what does modern bus travel look like?

“Despite the revolutionary developments and changes of recent years bus travel still comes with a rather old-fashioned image attached to it“, says Kube-Erkens. However, there is also another side to the coin. Anyone who has seen the coach of the German national football team or any other professional sports team knows how individual and comfortable buses can be nowadays. They have long made the transition from simply being a mode of transport to becoming a style icon and designer object that offers comfort and entertainment in equal measure on journeys of all kinds. BUS2BUS aims to further the debate on how travel comfort on coaches can make its way onto public transport. A lot can be done using new materials and production methods, which open up possibilities for new design approaches. “At BUS2BUS we are looking for ideas as to how design and styling can help buses become more attractive and make the public more aware of them“, says Kerstin Kube Erkens.

BUS2BUS will take place at hub27 on the Berlin Exhibition grounds from Tuesday, 13 to Thursday, 15 April 2021. The venue can be reached on foot from the S-Bahn station Messe Süd.