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February 27, 2019

Innovations for the bus industry: 15 mobility startups at BUS2BUS 2019

Berlin, 26 February 2019 – From 19 to 21 March 2019 15 new and innovative companies will be presenting their products, services and technological solutions in the BUS2BUS Startup Area. Digitalisation is increasingly dominating the mobility sector and poses huge challenges for the bus industry and transport and technology companies. App-based business models, demand-oriented services and electric, driverless vehicles are showing the way forward and the speed at which mobility is changing.
Kerstin Kube-Erkens, senior product manager, BUS2BUS: ”The entire value chain in the mobility sector is undergoing radical change. With our startup formats at BUS2BUS we aim to keep abreast of these developments: we want to bring new and established companies from this sector together at an early opportunity. Speed and innovation are decisive in order for manufacturers and operators to meet the challenges of the future.“
The 15 startups represent digital services, maintenance, services & infrastructure, components & accessories, and comfort & design. Four companies have been selected as examples below:
With Groupy Travel, ALL4Groups Systems GmbH has developed an innovative and reliable system for organised group tours. Radio audio communication systems are becoming increasingly widespread in this sector. A reliable tour guide system for proper communications has become an indispensable accessory. With Groupy, every organisational aspect of guiding, communicating and ensuring groups stay together becomes easier and more efficient. For tour guests the advantage is much shorter waiting times. The Groupy system comprises a USER tag for each tour guest, a CONTROLLER tag for the guide, and a SMARTPHONE APP as the administrator/user interface.
Conflicts are a normal occurrence in many areas of the workplace. concept.5 GmbHhelps bus operators and other professions to make contact with customers so that their employees are able to respond adequately in conflict situations and avoid harm to themselves, customers and others.
concept.5 training courses enable employers to fulfil their occupational health and safety obligations. After the seminars certification of attendance is issued as proof of safe work conditions being provided in accordance with the applicable occupational health and safety regulations. It has been proven that a reduction in stress levels and escalating conflicts leads to fewer absences and sick periods.
The demographic shift and resultant shortage of skilled labour is affecting the bus sector too. Without drivers from other countries the industry cannot survive. However, a lack of language skills and local knowledge means that training takes longer and it is also why mistakes are made. The fleoo assistance package overcomes language barriers and makes drivers ready for operating bus routes in record time. The system improves language skills and also documents progress.

With its Havel Lite ® range Havel metal foam GmbH has specialised in the development and manufacture of aluminium foam and aluminium foam sandwich products, which are highly innovative lightweight building materials. This is the first and to date only company to manufacture aluminium foam using four different types of technology. It is also capable of volume output while ensuring constant product quality. Aluminium foam is employed mainly in lightweight construction, as well as energy absorption, vibration and sound damping applications.

In addition to the Startup Area the show features three new formats: the BUS2Pitch, BUS2Insights and BUS2Connect. All three aim to bring established and new, innovative companies together. On 19 and 20 March at the BUS2Pitch a total of 12 startups will get a chance to present their ideas on the large stage and be the winner of the day. The networking event BUS2Connect brings startups, manufacturers and the next generation of bus operators together and on 20 March is organising a bus tour of Berlin’s technology scene. On 21 March, BUS2Insights will give exhibitors an opportunity to present their products.
Print-quality photos of BUS2BUS 2017 are available for downloading from our website. You can find a map of the grounds here.